Where next for Australia’s tax system? How our tax system can help reboot prosperity for Australia – June 2020 (PwC Report)

The June 2020 PwC Report said its ‘Key Findings’ were – Australia entered 2020 with an economy growing slower than desired, but with public finances that were in a relatively strong position – low debt compared to most other advanced economies and a forecast Commonwealth budget surplus. See below for a further summary and the entire report. [Tax…

ATO consultation report for May 2020 – to NTLG

On 19 June 2020, the ATO ‘National Tax Liaison Group’ (NTLG) circulated its consultation report for May 2020. This contains a ’round up’ of various statistics, consultation matters, ‘stewardship groups’, ‘special purpose working groups’ and ‘stakeholder relationship groups’. See below for the table of contents and the whole ‘pdf’ document. [Tax Month – June 2020]