The Tax Office is writing to tax agents who still lodge tax returns by paper to encourage them to lodge electronically. The ATO says that from 2014, lodgment program concessional due dates will only be available to lodgments received electronically. These changes will apply from:

  • 2013-14 income tax returns lodged after 1 July 2014;
  • 2013-14 FBT returns lodged after 1 April 2014.

After these dates, if tax agents choose to continue lodging by paper, they will need to lodge by the statutory due date, otherwise their clients face failure to lodge penalties.

ATO Deputy Commissioner Michael Monaghan says tax agents need to lodge 85% or more of their clients’ current year income tax and FBT returns by the lodgment or deferred due date to receive lodgment program concessions.

Lodging electronically will form part of the lodgment program framework. To assist agents with the transition to electronic lodgment channels, the ATO says it will give them access to the concessional due dates for income tax returns lodged by paper until 30 June 2014.

[LTN 28, 12/2/14]