The ATO, on Friday 26.2.2016, released interpretation NOW! – Episode 9. The documents (or “Episodes” as they are called) are an ATO Tax Counsel Network (TCN) initiative and aim to raise awareness about what courts are saying about statutory interpretation. Topics and cases mentioned in this Episode include:

  • legislative scheme – R v Host [2015] WASCA 23;
  • judgment words – FCT v Australian Building Systems Pty Ltd (In Liquidation); FCT v Muller and Dunn as Liquidators of Australian Building Systems Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) [2015] HCA 48 (retention obligation imposed on agents and trustees by s 254(1)(d) of the ITAA 1936); and
  • delegated legislation – QBE Insurance v Mordue [2015] NSWCA 380.

[ATO website] [LTN 38, 26/2/16]