Two taxpayers have appealed to the Federal Court against the decision in Re Crown Estates (Sales) Pty Ltd and FCT [2015] AATA 949. The AAT found the 2 taxpayers who conducted a property management business were not entitled to input tax credits (ITCs) in relation to goods and services supplied to their clients (the property owners).

[LTN 6, 12/1/16]

[2015] AATA 949 – Catchwords

TAXATION – Goods and Services Tax – agency relationships – input tax credits – property management business – provision for goods and services – whether taxpayer companies made “creditable acquisitions” and “taxable supply” – were taxpayer companies acting as principal or agent – taxpayer companies in position to “create or affect legal rights and duties” – taxpayer companies acted as agents – not entitled to claim input tax credits – no creditable acquisitions – objection decisions affirmed