The Tax Office has announced the key superannuation rates and thresholds for 2014-15, indexed in accordance with ss 960-275 and 960-285 of the ITAA 1997 in line with average weekly ordinary time earnings (AWOTE). The document, Key superannuation rates and thresholds, is available on the Tax Office Website.


  • The general concessional contributions cap is $30,000 for 2014-15 (up from $25,000).
  • For 2014-15, the higher temporary concessional cap of $35,000 (not indexed) applies for those aged 49 years or over on 30 June 2014.
  • The non-concessional contributions cap is id=”mce_marker”80,000 for 2014-15 (up from id=”mce_marker”50,000).
  • As a result, the non-concessional cap under the bring-forward rule over 3 years is effectively $540,000 from 2014-15 (up from $450,000).
  • The CGT cap amount for non-concessional contributions is id=”mce_marker”.355m for 2014-15 (up from id=”mce_marker”.315m).



  • The maximum contribution base is $49,430 per quarter for 2014-15 (up from $48,040).



  • The “lower income threshold” is $34,488 for 2014-15 (up from $33,516); “higher income threshold” is $49,488 (up from $48,516).



  • The ETP cap amount and the superannuation lump sum low rate cap is id=”mce_marker”85,000 for 2014-15 (up from id=”mce_marker”80,000).
  • The untaxed plan cap is id=”mce_marker”.355m (up from id=”mce_marker”.315m).
  • The genuine redundancy and early retirement payments – tax-free amounts for 2014-15 are: base amount – $9,514 (up from $9,246); service amount – $4,758 (up from $4,624) for each whole year of service.

[LTN 37, 25/2/14]