The Victorian Government announced land tax relief measures for landlords and commercial owner-occupiers for the 2021 land tax year. These measures are in addition to measures announced in relation to the 2020 land tax year.

See below for further details.

[Tax Month – April 2021]



Broadly, the following land tax relief measures are available:

  • Landlords and commercial owner-occupiers can now access a land tax discount of up to 25% of the 2021 land tax liability.
  • Deferral of the 2021 land tax (and any 2020 land tax previously deferred under the 2020 relief measures) until 30 November 2021.
  • Landlords of properties with multiple tenancies may be eligible for a discount of up to 25% of the property’s total land tax plus a deferral.
  • Owner-occupiers of commercial properties that run a business from the property may also be eligible for the discount and deferral.

To access land tax relief, taxpayers need to meet the relevant eligibility criteria.  There are different eligibility criteria for the different land tax relief measures.

Pitcher Partners prepared this note and have summarised the eligibility criteria for each land tax relief measure for your clients’ – and you can access their ‘land tax relief guide’ here.

The closing date for 2021 land tax relief applications is 30 June 2021.




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