The Government has said it is committed to addressing the concerns that have been raised by startups in relation to Employee Share Schemes. It said it will commence direct consultations with interested stakeholders for 2 weeks commencing 28 January 2014. Consultations will be conducted in Melbourne and Sydney, with the option to hold teleconferences with those otherwise unable to attend.

The consultations will focus on a number of issues, including:

  • the 2009 changes and their effects on businesses;
  • what are the barriers to offering an employee share scheme?
  • what steps should be implemented to overcome these barriers?
  • what would be the broader economic benefits in implementing these steps?

Expressions of interest close this Friday, 24 January 2014. Submissions that were lodged previously will be considered as part of this latest consultation process. In addition, stakeholders can lodge a submission by 7 February 2014. Further details are on the Treasury website.

[LTN 14, 22/1/14]