On 5th March 2019, Assistant Treasurer Robert announced an independent review into the effectiveness of the Tax Practitioners Board, and the operation of the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 and the Tax Agent Services Regulations 2009, which establish the regulatory regime for tax practitioners in Australia, to consider whether the legislative and governance framework for the Tax Practitioners Board delivers on its policy objectives. He appointed Mr Keith James (who is a well known tax lawyer) to lead the Review. It is to report in October 2019.

See below for the Media Release and Terms of Reference.

I made a submission to the Review, which can be seen here, the thrust of which is that tax agents ought not offend the prohibitions on unqualified legal practice. Technically, it’s too late to make submissions, but you could send me an email supporting my submission (or otherwise) and I could pass on the amount of support there has been for this submission.


[Tax Month – Jan-April 2019]

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