On 5 November 2018, Mr Ali Noroozi retired from the role of Inspector-General of Taxation – after having acted for 2 terms of 5 years and having seen in many significant development, but perhaps none less than absorbing the Tax Ombudsman’s role (individual complaints) with its ongoing role, which is investigating and reporting on ‘systemic’ problems in the ATO. As he has often observed, the one informs the other.

To mark the milestone, the Assistant Treasurer issued a media release, and announced that the current Deputy Inspector-General of Taxation, Mr Andrew McLoughlin, will be acting as the Inspector-General of Taxation, on a short-term basis, from 6 November 2018, until the new Inspector-General begins their term early in 2019.

The Minister went on to note that Mr Noroozi has shown exemplary leadership since his appointment in 2008, undertaking more than 30 reviews across a broad range of issues, including Australian Taxation Office debt collection, tax disputes, audits, transfer pricing, services to tax practitioners, taxpayer rights, IT upgrades and so-called ‘U-turns’. The IGT has also recently completed and released the review of the ATO’s fraud control management.

In a recent speech, the outgoing IGT called on the Government to implement his recommendation to establish an independent management board to oversee the ATO. Mr Noroozi also called for the creation of a separate and dedicated appeals group within the ATO, and recommended that the IGT should be renamed the Taxation Ombudsman.

FJM 26.11.18

[Treasury website: Minister’s Media Release; Inspector-General’s website, Valedictory Speech; LTN 215, 7/11/18; Tax Month – November 2018]


CPD questions (answers available)

  1. On what day did Ali Noroozi retire as IGT?
  2. Who is the acting IGT?
  3. What body took over the Tax Ombudsman’s role?
  4. Does the Ombudsman investigate individual complaints about the ATO?
  5. What sort of problems does the IGT go on investigating?

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