The Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Budget Measures) Bill 2018 received Assent on 22 November 2018 as Act No 35 of 2018. It contains amendments to give effect to certain revenue measures announced in the 2018 South Australian Budget.

The Bill contains a number of state revenue measures including: Third Party Reporting; Payroll Tax; Stamp Duty; and Land Tax eg:

  • Land tax: The tax-free threshold will be increased to $450,000 from 1 July 2020. A new marginal tax rate of 2.9% for land tax ownerships valued between the existing top threshold (currently $1.231 million) and $5 million are also introduced.
  • Amendment of s 71CC of the Stamp Duties Act 1923 re Interfamilial transfer of farming property.
  • A new Division 4 of the Stamp Duties Act provides that the Commissioner may issue a stamp duty certificate.
  • Amendment of s 29 of the Payroll Tax Act 2009 re motor vehicle allowances, and s 32 re What is a relevant contract?
  • Amendment of s 17A of the Mining Act 1971 re Reduced royalty for new mines.

In its progress through Parliament, Clause 63 was deleted from the Bill. Clause 63 had proposed the repeal of The Commissioner for Kangaroo Island Act 2014.

[South Australian Legislation: Bill Tracker, Bill as Passed; LTN 233, 3/12/18; Tax Month – December 2018]

FJM 6.1.18

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