The following SA Bills on Thur 5.12.2013, received Assent after having passed all stages without amendment:

  • Succession Duties Repeal Bill 2013 – as Act No 85 of 2013. The Bill repeals the Succession Duties Act 1929 (SA). The Bill extinguishes any residual matters that may still arise even though succession duties were abolished as from 1 January 1980. RevenueSA has prepared Information Circular 67 which contains further details.
  • First Home and Housing Construction Grants (Eligibility Criteria) Amendment Bill 2013 – as Act No 74 of 2013. The amendments adjust the eligibility criteria of the First Home And Housing Construction Grants Act 2000 (SA) to ensure the SA Government’s policy of providing the Housing Construction Grant to purchasers of new homes is achieved where other parties may also be eligible. RevenueSA has released Information Circular 66 which sets out the Commissioner’s views of the amendments.

[LTN 237, 6/12/13]

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