On Monday 6 August 2018, the Chair of the Tax Practitioners Board: Mr Ian Taylor, welcomed a new Secretary/Chief Executive Officer; Mr Michael O’Neill, to the role.

Mr O’Neill is a taxation lawyer with close to 30 years of public service experience:

  • joining the Board from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), where he was Chief Risk Officer, following senior leadership positions in investigations, advice, litigation and law reform.
  • He has nearly three decades in senior management with a strong focus on ATO legal and compliance issues,
  • He holds a Master of Laws from the University of Sydney.
  • He has a background, in private practice, as a lawyer.

Mr Taylor also thanked outgoing Secretary, Ms Rosemary Holloway, for her contribution in assisting the Board in its role to register and regulate tax practitioners over the past five years (having joined the Board in 2013).

FJM 20.8.18

[TPB website: Media Release; LTN 149, 6/8/18; Tax Month – August 2018]

Comprehension questions (answers available)

  1. Is the new CEO at the Board a Mr O’Neill?
  2. Is he a career public servant, coming from the ATO, where he was ‘Chief Risk Officer’?
  3. Did the outgoing CEO join the board in 2003?


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