The House of Reps Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia Committee has commenced an inquiry into the development of Northern Australia. The Committee has been tasked with the role of helping to define the future of Australia’s North.

The Committee will consider policies for developing the parts of Australia which lie north of the Tropic of Capricorn, spanning Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland, and in doing so will, among other things:

  • examine the potential for development of the region’s mineral, energy, agricultural, tourism, defence and other industries;
  • provide recommendations to enhance trade and other investment links with the Asia-Pacific; and
  • establish a conducive regulatory, taxation and economic environment.

The Committee is due present an interim report to Parliament as soon as practicable after 30 May 2014, with its final report and recommendations due to the Parliament on or before 6 July 2014. Further details will be on the Committee’s website.

SUBMISSIONS are due by 17 February 2014

[LTN 243, 16/12/13]

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