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– November 2012 Developments –

This is a collection of developments in Australian tax law and practice that occurred in November 2012 and which aims at being of relevance to tax lawyers.*

F John Morgan
A member of the Victorian Bar (www.FJMtax.com)

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Acts & Bills

*NFP/Charities Bills await Royal Assent [1]

Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement Bills introduced – to amend the Customs Act 1901 to amend the rules of origin for goods from Malaysia [2]

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill passes House of Representatives [3]

*Draft Part IVA draft legislative changes released – to apply from Fri 16.11.2012 [4]

*New transfer pricing rules – draft legislation released [5]

*Various Bills pass all stages and await Royal Assent [6]

Private Health Insurance Amendment (Lifetime Health Cover Loading and Other Measures) Bill 2012 was introduced in the House of Reps [7]

Unclaimed Money Amendments Bill passes into law with 7 Government Amendments [8]

*Tax Laws Amendment (2012 Measures No 6) Bill 2012 was introduced in the House of Reps – MITs; DGRs; medical expenses rebate; limited recourse debt; FBT and in-house benefits [10]

International Tax Agreements Amendment Bill introduced – to give force of law to DTA with India, Marshall Islands and Mauritius [11]



Business Tax Working Group final report: no changes to report which failed to recommend any changes to our tax system [12]

*Tax concessions for the NFP sector: consultation paper released [13]

*Coalition promises to cut red tape and unnecessary taxes [14]

Federal Coalition would allow SMEs to remit super directly to the ATO – amongst other things [15]

*FATCA Compliance – Australia and US commence discussions on Intergovernmental Agreement [16]

*Financial planners providing tax advice will have to be registered under the Tax Agents Services Act – Regulation Impact Statement released [17]

Assistant Treasurer on tax reform, Pt IVA, transfer pricing, etc [18]

*MIT tax changes have boosted investment in Australia by 54% over 2 years – per survey designed to encourage more tax efficient outcomes [19]

Senate committee recommends tax changes re foreign investment [20]




High Court

*Federal Court Chief Justice: Patrick Keane appointed to the High Court and replaced by Justice Allsop, currently President of the NSW Court of Appeal [21]

*Fortescue Metals Group – High Court agrees to hear its constitutional challenge to the Minerals Resource Rent Tax [22]

*Mills v FCT – Taxpayer wins High Court appeal that Pt IVA does not apply to PERLS V Securities franking credit scheme [23]


Full Federal Court

*FCT v Crown Insurance Services Ltd – Court agrees that the ‘source’ of income is not a question of law that can be appealed from the AAT [24]

*Queensland Maintenance Services Pty Ltd v FCT – In ADJR action, a reduced garnishee order was held reasonable – only 20% of the $10m owed to the taxpayer [25]


Federal Court

*Visy Packaging Holdings Pty Ltd v FCT – Visy entitled to deduction for losses on resale of non-packaging businesses acquired from Southcorp [26]

*Kahn v FCTJudiciary Act claim for credits in relation to PAYG withheld but not remitted dismissed as an abuse of process [27]

DCT v Chemical Trustee Limited (No 7) – Taxpayers’ notices to DCT to produce documents mostly set aside [28]


Federal Circuit Court

The Federal Magistrates Court will be re-named the Federal Circuit Court under the Federal Circuit Court of Australia Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 [29]

Federal Circuit Court (Consequential Amendments) Bill introduced [30]


Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

*Re Building Company Owner and FCT – Discretion to disregard Div 7A not exercised in 2005, but was exercised in 2006 and 2007 for not properly documenting loans [31]

Re Rigoli and FCT – Depreciation deductions on some capital items allowed [32]

Re The Employed Accountant and FCT – Taxpayer not assessable on bank deposits [33]

Re Daniels and FCT – Taxpayer liable for $129k of CGT on disposal of Panamanian shares and a 50% shortfall penalty [34]

Re Bezuidenhout and FCT – Taxpayer was a resident of Australia; assessable on foreign income [35]

Re Neimanis and FCT – Tax debt not released on hardship grounds despite tax payer having few assets in his name as his wife had assets [36]

Re Watsford and FCT – ESS: share options issued under a settlement were not new and the discount was assessable in the previous year [37]

Re Lack and FCT – Commissioner not out of time to issue assessments – sham conceded by taxpayers [38]

Hancox and FCT – $20k Allowance was a LAFHA, exempt as a fringe benefit, so $36k of deductions not allowable [39]


Other Courts & Tribunals

DCT v Power – Validity of DPNs for $1m upheld – resigning as a director didn’t assist, notice didn’t need to cite Div 269 and didn’t need separate notices [40]



*Pratt Holdings Proprietary Limited v FCT – taxpayer appeals decision to disallow loss generated from sale of mining exploration tenements [41]

*Re Nash v FCT – Commissioner appeals AAT decision that GIC is deductible in the period to which it is referable (not the period in which it is imposed) [42]




Decision Impact statements

FCT v Kassem and Secatore & Anor – Full Federal Court dismissed the Commissioner’s appeal against recovery of a preference [43]



*TR 2012/7 – Capital allowances: open pit mine improvements for depreciation (capital allowance) purposes [44]

*TR 2012/8 – Assessability of amounts received for legal costs incurred in ETP disputes [45]



Class Rulings & Product Rulings

CR 2012/102 – Off-market share buy-back will be deemed to pay a ‘dividend’ [46]

CR 2012/103-109 – Rollovers; demerger; ESS; capital reallocation; early retirement scheme; R&D [47]


ATO Interpretive Decisions (ATOIDs)

Practice Statements

Tax Alerts

Other Commissioner news

ATO to data match motor vehicle purchases over $10k in 2011-12 and 2012-13 years to other data for avoidance detection [48]

*Mr Chris Jordan to be new Tax Commissioner [49]




Legislation & Announcements (GST)

*GST instalment system and SMEs in net refund position: draft legislation released [50]

GST: issue of RCTIs by training providers [51]


Cases (GST)

*Unit Trend Services Pty Ltd v FCT – Commissioner seeks leave to appeal to High Court against GST Anti-Avoidance decision based on choice offered by the margin scheme [52]

*Re SDI Group Pty Ltd and FCT – GST: sale of property was a going concern [53]


Rulings & Other things (GST)

PS LA 2008/1 (GA) Update – hire purchase acquisitions under pre-1 July 2012 law [54]

*Qantas GST High Court decision impact statement – amounts received from passengers who don’t fly still subject to GST [55]

*ATO runs ‘in-house’ ADR pilot on indirect taxes – by invitation, no legal interpretation issues and voluntary participation [56]

*First OECD Global Forum on VAT concludes that the tax treatment of exports and imports urgently needs attention [57]

*Government charges are exempted by being listed only to 30 June 2013 – after that the new Div 81 and associated Regs must be self-assessed [58]

* GSTD 2012/7-10 – GST treatment of specific telecommunication supplies [59]

Low value import threshold for exemption from GST – GST Distribution Review recommends reducing threshold from $1,000 to $500 asap [60]




Legislation (Super)

Default super funds in modern awards – Fair Work Amendment Act 2012 passes House of Reps [61]

MySuper (Core Provisions) Bill awaits Assent after Government amendments to ensure that all the ‘MySuper’ authorization provisions commence together [62]

Third tranche of MySuper Legislation (Transparency Measures Bill) – 17 Government Amendments and moves to Senate [63]

Final tranche of MySuper reforms – Bill introduced [64]

*Various Super Bills pass all stages and await or receive Royal Assent [65]

Stronger Super reforms – MySuper and insurance: draft regs released [66]

SMSF trustee penalties; scheme promoters; roll-overs: Bills introduced [67]


Cases (Super)

Re Hamad and FCT – Excess contributions tax assessment set aside – special circumstances existed because he scrutinized payslips [68]

Re Dickinson and FCT – Excess super contributions tax: no special circumstances [69]

Re Australian Medical Services Pty Ltd and FCT – SGC correctly calculated from beginning of the quarter to default assessment and no power to remit back to date of contributions [70]

Re Peach and FCT – Early access to SMSF money assessable – trustee could not be reasonably satisfied that member ‘retired’ from the work force [72]

*Re Davenport and FCT – Fund received contribution on 27 June but kept it in suspense until 1 July remittance advice – no special circumstances warranting reallocation to earlier period [73]


Rulings (Super)

*Re The Trustee for MH Ghali Superannuation Fund and FCT – ATO accepts the win on ‘special income’ but disputes that the meaning of ‘fixed entitlement’ comes from Schedule 2F [74]

TA 2012/7 – warning about SMSF arrangements to acquire property that could breach superannuation law involving limited recourse finance and related trusts [75]

Decision Impact Statement on Longcake v FCT – one of the few cases where the excess contributions tax assessment was set aside [76]

Re Sinclair v FCT – Decision Impact Statement on case which included benefits in breach of SIS in taxpayer’s assessable income [77]


Announcements etc (Super)

*SMSF auditors: ASIC update on registration regime [78]

Superannuation Complaints Tribunal Annual Report 2011-12 released [79]

*Directors’ liabilities for unpaid SGC: ATO reminds directors that they will become personally liable for their companies’ unpaid SGC from 28 Nov [80]

*APRA final prudential standards for superannuation released – 6 common to other APRA regulated industries and 5 specific to superannuation [81]




*Bills linking carbon price to the EU passed all stages and await Royal Assent [82]




Greens Bill to peg mining tax rebate on State royalties: Senate Ecomomics Committee report delayed until 21 March 2013 [83]



Ms Teresa Dyson appointed the new chair of the Board of Taxation [84]




IGT to review delayed income tax refunds, super excess contributions tax and data matching [85]

IGT to review ATO’s administration of penalties [86]

ATO tax administration improved, but complaints handling could be better: JCPAA [87]




Conflicts of Interest, Offshoring/Outsourcing, Agents’ own compliance & Book-keepers registration – dealt with in Chairman’s address [88]

Re Modini and Tax Practitioners Board – AAT affirms the Board’s decision to reject application for registration as a tax agent (in Tas after 5 rejections in Qld) [89]

Tax Board moves to IT cloud solution and in the process leaves the ATO’s IT system [90]

Tax Practitioners Board v Munro – Court confirms injunctions and penalties imposed for not being a registered tax agent [91]




Legislation (State)

NSW: State Revenue Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2012 receives Assent [92]

NSW land tax: increase in tax threshold for 2013 set at $406,000 (up from $396,000) [93]

SA: Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Budget 2012) (No 2) Bill 2012 was introduced into the SA Legislative Assembly – concession for ‘off-the-plan’ apartments [94]

SA: Payroll Tax (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill awaits Assent [95]

Tas: Taxation Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2012 becomes law [96]

Vic: State Taxation and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2012 – passes Legislative assembly – proposing to amend Vic Land Tax [97]


Cases (State)

ISPT Pty Ltd v Comr for ACT Revenue (Administrative Review) – ACT stamp duty: lease dutiable under transitional provisions [98]

*Chief Comr of State Revenue v Tasty Chicks Pty Ltd – NSW Payroll Tax – High Court refuses leave to Taxpayer to appeal assessment of a group [99]

Irwin v Comr of State Revenue – Qld stamp duty concession on home transfer lodged out of time [100]

Lim v Comr of State Revenue (Taxation) – Vic – property in children’s names transferred to parents to support land tax exemption but transfer dutiable [101]

Aston (Aust) Properties Pty Ltd & Ors v Comr of State Revenue – Vic land tax: trusts or related corporations – leave to appeal granted [102]

Floridia Enterprises Pty Ltd v Comr of State Revenue (Taxation) – Vic stamp duty: signed “reverse transfers” dutiable per private ruling request and VCAT [103]

Comr of State Revenue v Burdinat & Anor – WA land tax: PPR exemption allowed despite short-term lease for 3 months [104]

PG Dukes Pty Ltd ATF Patricia Dukes Foundation v Chief Comr of State Revenue – NSW land tax: foundation a “charitable institution” and entitled to exemption [105]


Rulings (State)

Qld Payroll Tax: Public Ruling on the 90 day Contractors Exemption [106]

SA stamp duty: calculation of life estates – Revenue Ruling released [107]


Other (State)

Vic: stamp duty concessions threshold for “young farmers” to be doubled [108]




Re Gillespie and ASIC – After ASIC permanently banned a financial adviser, he appealed and obtained a stay from it publishing its reasons which the AAT declined to extend [109]

Ease of paying taxes – global survey of tax regimes – Australia ranks 48th [110]

Draft Regulations for a new limited Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) to replace the ‘Accountants’ Exemption’ [111]

Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Bill 2012 was passed by the Senate with 40 Government amendments [112]

Unexplained wealth amendments to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 introduced [113]






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Source Abbreviations: ‘EDTN’ = Electronic Daily Tax News, published by CCH; ‘LTN’ = Latest Tax News published by Thomsons; and ‘Taxvine’ is the weekly publication by the Tax Institute of Australia; Greenfields = Greenfields Financial Services; TaxBar = Melbourne Tax Bar Association Newsletter at www.vicbar.com.au / Members / Bar Associations / Tax

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