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– May 2014 Developments –

This is a collection of developments in Australian tax law and practice that occurred in May 2014 and which aims at being of relevance to tax lawyers.*

F John Morgan
A member of the Victorian Bar (www.FJMtax.com)

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*Budget deficit levy (tax) of 2% to apply for 3 years from 1 July 2014 for incomes over $180,000; FBT rate increase [1]

Medicare levy thresholds for families increased for 2013-14 from $33,693 to $34,367 [2]

*Announced but unenacted measures: further progress – charities; s 25-90; consolidation; foreign residents; etc [3]

*SME instant asset write-off up to $6,500 – small businesses still in limbo over threshold [4]

Reduction in R&D offset rates by 1.5% – refundable from 45% to 43.5% and non-refundable from 40% to 38.5% [5]

Employee share scheme tax rules – reform put on hold [6]

Other tax-related changes flowing from carbon tax and mining tax repeal leave taxpayers in limbo [7]

Mining interest realignments – joint venture partners [8]

Refundable tax offset for “greenfields” exploration costs [9]

Seafarer offset to be abolished [10]

*Option to withdraw excess non-concessional contributions [11]

*Super Guarantee rate will rise to 9.5% from 1 July 2014 (instead of being paused at 9.25%) and then will pause until 30 June 2018 [12]

Age Pension age to increase to 70 by 2035 [13]

Index Pension and Pension Equivalent Payments by the CPI instead of Total Average Weekly Earnings [14]

Hiring Australians 50 years or over – new subsidy for employers [15]

*Inspector-General of Taxation to hear tax complaints [16]




Acts & Bills

*Temporary Budget Repair Levy: Bills introduced [17]

*Tax Laws Amendment (2014 Measures No 1) Bill 2014: GST excess refunds; farm management deposits [18]

*Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment (2014 Measures No 2) Bill 2014 – Dividend washing; un-enacted measures; Medicare Levy low-income threshold [19]

*Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment (2014 Measures No 3) Bill 2014 – Mining rights and information – restrictions on deductibility [20]

*Miscellaneous changes to tax laws – draft legislation released [21]

*Thin cap rules to be tightened – draft legislation released [22]

*Foreign resident CGT Principal Asset Test: draft legislation released to match mining information with the mine and stop groups creating duplicate assets [23]

*Foreign resident subject to CGT regime for assets used in Australian ‘permanent establishment’ – draft legislation back to 2006 [24]



*National Commission of Audit report released [25]




High Court

Full Federal Court

*FCT v Resource Capital Fund III LP (No 2) – Final orders re “principal asset” test [26]

*Akers as a joint foreign representative of Saad Investments Company Limited (in Official Liquidation) v DCT – Cayman Island liquidators subject to Aust tax debt [27]


Federal Court

*Blank v FCT (No 2) – No grounds to re-open case about assessability of $160m in installments based on failure to consider s 23AG [28] 20

Federal Circuit Court

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

*AAT held it did not have jurisdiction to consider credit for PAYG withheld (per Liquidator’s certificate) but upheld penalty for ‘gross carelessness’ [29]

*Re Research Scientist and FCT – Tax credits claimed in years when tax not withheld; penalty reduced to 50% [30]

*Re Thorpe and FCT – AAT rehearing: property development profits assessable, some deductions allowed but 50% shortfall penalty affirmed for recklessness [31]

*Re Lighthouse Financial Advisers (Townsville) Pty Ltd and FCT – GST: legal settlement was not taxable supply [32]

*Re Stevens Nominees (Sydney) Pty Ltd atf SNS Trust v FCT – AAT lacked jurisdiction because matter was already litigated (res judicata) [33]

*Re Qantas Airways Ltd and FCT – FBT: parking provided to staff was subject to tax as customers had to pay at ‘commercial parking stations’ as defined [34]

*Re XVQY and FCT – Plumbers found not to be employees for super guarantee purposes [35]

Other Courts & Tribunals






Decision Impact statements

*ATS Pacific Pty Ltd v FCT – GST on ‘arranging’ supplies to non-resident travel agents – incidental to tourism supplies consumed in Australia [36]

*Rigoli v FCT – Burden of proof not discharged by conceding the Commr’s estimate of income, save for depreciation issues – returned to AAT [37]

*FCT v Ludekens case – Respondents held to be “promoters” of a tax exploitation scheme [38]

*Swanbat case – GST refund paid outside 4 years can’t be recovered by an assessment under s105-55 of the TAA1 [39]



*TR 2014/2 – Taxable income of non-resident shipowner/charterer [40]



*TD 2014/11 – FBT: car parking threshold for 2014-15 year is up from $8.03 to $8.26 [41]

*TD 2014/12 – Accounting standards necessary for financial reports to qualify for TOFA [42]


Class Rulings & Product Rulings

CR 2014/41-42 – Return of capital; CGT scrip-for-scrip [43]

CR 2014/4 – Goodman Group: Tax Exempt Employee Share Plan [44]


ATO Interpretive Decisions (ATOIDs)

Practice Statements

Tax Alerts

Other ATO news or statements

Updated Large business and tax compliance booklet released by ATO [45]

Student assistance debts – indexation factor is 2.6% [46]

G20 Tax Symposium Tokyo: closing remarks by Commissioner [47]

Promoter penalty regime and recent court decisions: ATO speech says their approach is to ‘disrupt the supply and demand for these products’ [48]

Addressing BEPS – restoring trust in international tax system: speech by Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer [49]

BEPS Action Plan – digital economy: ATO speech [50]

*ABS releases Taxation Revenue, Australia 2012-13 – various taxation statistics [51]




Legislation & Announcements (GST)

Tax Laws Amendment (2014 Measures No 1) Bill 2014: GST excess refunds (new Division 142) [52]

*GST: Instrument waiving tax invoice requirements for customers of motor dealers in relation to motor vehicle incentive payments received by the dealer [53]


Cases (GST)

Re Yates and FCT – GST: input tax credit claims mostly refused due to lack of evidence; penalty affirmed [54]

*Re Lighthouse Financial Advisers (Townsville) Pty Ltd and FCT – GST: legal settlement was not taxable supply [55]

*Re Davsa Forty-Ninth Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Krongold Ford Business Unit Trust and FCT – ITC claims mostly denied [56]


Rulings & Other things (GST)

*ATS Pacific Pty Ltd v FCT – GST on ‘arranging’ supplies to non-resident travel agents – incidental to tourism supplies consumed in Australia [57]




Legislation, Announcements etc. (Super)

*Super choice product dashboard start date deferred to 1 July 2015 [58]

*SuperStream: Govt to extend deadline for super funds receiving contributions under the new standards to 1 July 2015 [59]

*SuperStream data standards: contribution transition-in period extended by 12 months to 30 June 2017 [60]

*Div 293 contributions tax (for those earning over $300k) for defined benefit funds & Unclaimed super – New regulations were registered [61]


Cases (Super)

*Re Mourched and FCT – Person disqualified under SIS Act remained disqualified – no ‘exceptional circumstances’ [62]

*Re Thompson and FCT – Superannuation re-contribution hit with $60,959 in excess contributions tax [63]


Rulings & Other things (Super)

SuperStream start dates: ATO/APRA reminders for super trustees [64]











*IGoT reviews of (1) ATO debt collection systems and (2) tax practitioner services – terms of reference released [65]




*Tax Practitioners Board v Kim (No 1) – Tax agent fails to have Board’s proceedings dismissed [66]

*Re Cleary and Tax Practitioners Board – Tax agent registration suspension period increased to 12 months [67]

Tax and BAS agents’ personal tax obligations; beware of tax fraud: TPB [68]

*Re Li and Tax Practitioners Board – Termination of tax agent’s registration confirmed for unwitting involvement in fraud [69]

*Tax Practitioners Board v Dedic – Court makes penalty orders against unregistered tax agent [70]




Legislation & Announcements (State)

NSW payroll tax: Rebate under Fresh Start Jobs Action Plan – Bill passes Legislative Assembly [71]

NSW: State Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 – passed [72]

NSW: State Revenue Legislation Further Amendment Bill introduced [73]

NT Budget 2014-15: First Home Owners Grant increased to $26k (from $25k), the $600k value cap removed, but only for new houses from 1.1.15 [74]

Tasmania: Payroll Tax Rebate for ‘new’ jobs; doubling of First Home Owner Grant given legislative basis: Amendment Bills introduced [75]

Victorian Budget 2014: payroll tax rate to be reduced; life insurance stamp duty to be abolished [76]

Victoria: State Tax and Other Legislation Amendment Bill introduced [77]

Victoria: State Taxation Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 – retrospective changes to the fire services levy, Gambling Regs transitional provisions [78]

WA Budget 2014-15: first homebuyers – property value threshold for first home buyers stamp duty concession reduced [79]

WA land tax: changes to primary producer exemption on the way [80]

WA: Revenue Laws Amendment Bill introduced [81]


Cases (State)

NSW payroll tax: Seovic Civil Engineering Pty Ltd & Ors v Chief Comr of State Revenue – de-grouping allowed [82]

NSW land tax: Jamsapi Pty Ltd v Chief Comr of State Revenue – primary production exemption refused [83]

NSW land tax: Hall & Anor v Chief Comr of State Revenue – Principal Place of Residence concession for new home refused [84]

NSW land tax: Skinner & Anor v Chief Comr of State Revenue – primary production land tax exemption partially allowed [85]

Rulings & Other (State)

Vic payroll tax: 2014 annual reconciliation – SRO video [86]

Vic stamp duty: changes to motor vehicle stamp duty [87]




*AUSTRAC signs finance intelligence exchange agreement with Macao [88]

*Simpler MyTax tax returns to be introduced (‘click and flick’) [89]

Australian experiences of identity crime and misuse: national survey [90]

Senate Committee FoFA inquiry – transcript of public hearing released [91]

*Implementation of FATCA in Australia – Regulation Impact Statement released, but post-implementation review ordered in 5 years [92]

*Tax Laws Amendment (Implementation of the FATCA Agreement) Bill 2014 – introduced [93]



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