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– July 2013 Developments –

This is a collection of developments in Australian tax law and practice that occurred in July 2013 and which aims at being of relevance to tax lawyers.*

F John Morgan
A member of the Victorian Bar (www.FJMtax.com)

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Acts & Bills

*Tax and Superannuation Bills received Royal Assent [1]

*More tax and superannuation Bills receive Royal Assent [2]

PRRT amending regulation to extends pricing framework to onshore petroleum projects [3]

*Tax incentives for designated infrastructure projects – 11 July 2013 start date proclaimed [4]

Tax loss incentive for designated infrastructure projects – rules for designating projects [5]

*Australia and Switzerland sign a revised tax treaty [6]

*Australian-Mauritius and Australian-Turkey tax Double Tax Agreements enter into force as Australian laws [7]

*Emissions trading scheme – exposure draft legislation to end the carbon tax and accelerating a traded price [8]

*Investment Manager Regime – third and final element: updated draft legislation for comment by 13 September 2013 [9]



*Treasurer to take responsibility of financial services and superannuation and the Assistant Treasurer will assist him [10]

*Neil Olesen has been appointed as a full-time Second Commissioner of the ATO for a 5-year period from 1 July 2013 [11]

Offshore Banking Unit regime changes – Government releases a discussion paper and postpones start date from 1 July to 1 October 2013 [12]

Peak professional bodies oppose $2,000 self-education cap [13]

*Emissions Trading Scheme with flexible (market linked) price to commence one year early – PM and Treasurer announce [15]

*FBT statutory formula method for calculating motor vehicle benefits will be abolished to partly fund the earlier conversion of the Carbon Tax into an ETS [16]

*Coalition opposes FBT changes re company cars [17]

*US FATCA withholding and other deadlines extended to 30 June 2014 [18]

Greens would seek to increase revenue from mining tax and tax the big banks [19]

Tax loss incentive for infrastructure projects: workshops available [20]

*OECD Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) released [21]

*Australia and Britain agreement to combat tax avoidance and evasion [22]

*Treasury scoping paper released examining risks to Australia’s corporate tax base through multinational profit shifting and tax base erosion [23]



High Court

Full Federal Court

*Sea Shepherd Australia Ltd v FCT & Anor – taxpayer not DGR – did not provide direct care to animals (not just wildlife) that have been mistreated etc. [24]

*Fowler v FCT – Share option rights acquisition date was not on making employment contract but later on shareholder approval of options [25]

*Collection Point Pty Ltd v FCT – FOI request denied – no obligation to create new computer program to produce document [26]

*FCT v Messenger Press Proprietary Limited – News Group entitled to deduction for $2bn foreign exchange loss under old Div 3B on exchange of promissory notes [27]


Federal Court

*The Hunger Project Australia v FCT – Organisation that raises funds for charity in Australia a PBI for FBT purposes even though no direct relief in Australia [28]

*FCT v Residence Riverside Proprietary Limited atf the D&J Discretionary Trust and atf the D&J Investment Trust – no grounds for transferring tax dispute to family court under cross-vesting rules [29]

*McCarthy v FCT – Federal s39B matter not transferred to the NSW Supreme Court where criminal proceedings were instituted but it was stood over [30]

*Hancox v FCT – court confirms that allowance a LAFHA and therefore no deductions claimable against it and 50% penalties unappealable [31]

Oswal v FCT – CGT: Declaration over part of corpus of discretionary trust triggers CGT event E1: creation of (new) trust – not E5 ‘absolutely entitled’ event (because of the trustee’s lien) [32]


Federal Circuit Court

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

*Re Lambert and FCT – taxpayer’s plan to get negative gearing advantages through a discretionary trust failed [33]

*Re Theglory v Secretary, Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs – Legal expenses were capital and not an allowable deduction [34]

*Re Pillay and FCT – Taxpayer worked in East Timor for 9-11 months but was resident in Australia because of his continuity of association in other months [35]

*Re Home Health Pty Ltd and FCT – Pty Ltd company with only 2 shareholders was not an ‘institution’ and thus not a PBI and not tax-exempt [36]

*Re Chowdary and FCT – Penalties imposed for failing to take reasonable care confirmed despite “honest mistake” [37]

*Re Fox and FCT – Work-related expenses deduction claim denied, but penalty remitted [38]

*Re Boyd and FCT – s23AG exemption excludes annual and LSL component from assessable ETP [39]

*Re Fay and FCT – Release of taxpayer from tax debt on “serious hardship” grounds denied [40]

*Re WJBS & Anor and FCT – Payment from ex-husband’s company was assessable income [41]

*Re Jakjoy Pty Ltd and FCT – CGT – properties used in ‘carrying on business’ of deriving rent not “active assets” – because of the ‘deriving rent’ exclusion [42]

*Re Vision Intelligence Pty Ltd and FCT – R&D outgoing not incurred: taxpayer liable for shortfall penalties [43]


Other Courts & Tribunals

*DCT v Ekelmans & Ors – Final asset freezing orders postponed as they were “without legitimate purpose” until recovery process identified [44]

*Symond v Gadens Lawyers Sydney Pty Ltd – solicitors gave negligent advice re withdrawing funds from company for tax purposes [45]





Decision Impact statements

*FCT v Bargwanna & Anor as Trustees of the Kalos Metron Charitable Trust – trust lost its exemption as fund not applied for purposes it was established [46]

*ATO view on Greenhatch case – CGT discounted gain and trusts [47]

*ATO view on Rawson Finances case – Bank deposits were loans not income [48]

*ATO Decision Impact Statements: Weeks and Reardon cases [49]





TD 2013/16 – Reasonable travel and meal allowance amounts for 2013-14 [50]

*TD 2013/17 – Div 7A benchmark interest rate for 2013-14 down from 7.05% to 6.20% [51]


Class Rulings & Product Rulings

CR 2013/48-50 – Exchange of shares; capital reallocation; early retirement [52]

CR 2013/51-53 – Early retirement schemes [53]

CR 2013/54-55 – FBT and car log book; bank capital notes [54]

CR 2013/56-60 – Transfer payments; return of capital; scrip-for-scrip; sport support scheme; performance rights [55]


ATO Interpretive Decisions (ATOIDs)

ATO ID 2013/42 – FBT and housing provided by third party


Practice Statements


Tax Alerts


Other Commissioner news or statements

*Monthly PAYG installments for large corporate tax entities to commence from 1 January 2014 – ATO action [57]





Legislation & Announcements (GST)


GST-free supplies under the NDIS [58]


Cases (GST)

*Re Naidoo and FCT – GST: partnership not carrying on an enterprise; not entitled to input tax credits [59]

*Re Rod Mathiesen Truck Hire Pty Ltd as trustee for the Mathiesen Family Trust – GST: consideration re property sale received at settlement [60]

*Re AJJJ’s Emporium Pty Ltd and FCT – Incorrect input tax credit claim; 50% administrative penalty affirmed [61]


Rulings & Other things (GST)

*GST and timing of a margin scheme: ATO view on Cyonara Snowfox case [62]

Paying final remuneration of insolvency practitioners from GST refunds [63]




Legislation, Announcements etc. (Super)

Government announces no major changes to super for 5-years; releases a draft Super Charter: fewer changes better outcomes and a Council to oversee it [64]


Cases (Super)


Rulings & Other things (Super)

*ATO view on Young v FCT case – Constitutional limits of Super surcharge assessments [65]

*ATS Pacific Travel case – Supplies to non-resident travel agents mostly taxable – Interim Decision Impact Statement until appeal result known [66]

*TR 2013/5 – Superannuation income streams: commencement and cessation [67]







TD 2013/D6 – Mining expenditure to protect aboriginal cultural heritage can be included in an entity’s pre-mining expenditure for a pre-mining project interest [68]




*Government launches the national online ‘Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Register’ with details of over 57,000 charities [69]







*Inspector-General of Taxation: Ali Noroozi reappointed for 5 years [70]




*Tax and BAS agents failing to meet their personal tax obligations: TPB investigations [71]

Commercial law course requirement removed for tax agents who were registered under State Tax Agents’ Boards – TASA amending regs [72]

*BAS services can be widened by legislative instrument – TPB preparing such instrument to include SGC and taxable payment reporting [73]

*Financial planners’ tax advice to be regulated under TASA from 1.7.14 – Tax Practitioners Board consulting in the interim [74]

Tax Practitioners Board has released a FAQ (frequently asked questions) sheet regarding re-registration of Tax Agents and BAS agents [75]

*Frugtniet v Tax Practitioners Board – Court dismisses judicial review of AAT’s decision not to stay Board’s decision to terminate agents registration [76]




Legislation & Announcements (State)

Federal Treasurer calls on States to abolish minor irritant taxes, but precludes GST review [77]

NT Budget Bill receives Assent [78]

SA land tax: exemption for association of a prescribed kind – regs varied [79]

Tas: Budget Bill receives Royal Assent [80]

Vic: State Tax Laws Amendment (Budget and Other Measures) – Bill receives Assent [81]

WA: Duties Legislation Amendment Bill receives Royal Assent [82]

Cases (State)

NSW stamp duty – Al-Saeed & Associates Pty Ltd ATF Al-Saeed Education and Welfare Trust v Chief Comr of State Revenue – trust deed dutiable as a “declaration of trust” [83]

NSW land tax Metricon Qld Pty Ltd v Chief Comr of State Revenue – reassessment not invalidated by existing proceedings before Tribunal [84]

NSW payroll tax: Bilquip Pty Ltd & Ors v Chief Comr of State Revenue (NSW) (RD) – grouping decision affirmed – taxpayers lose appeal [85]

Vic land tax: Ventura Motors Pty Ltd & Ors v Comr of State Revenue – land held by a lease and subject to land tax [86]

Vic land tax: Decleah Investments Pty Ltd v Comr of State Revenue – land developer deemed owner of land [87]

WA stamp duty: Hazel Holdings Pty Ltd and Comr of State Revenue – taxpayer’s valuation as a single sale of 32 lots preferred for duty purposes [88]

WA payroll tax – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of WA (Inc) and Comr of State Revenue – interest on refund commencement of reassessment period determined [89]

Rulings & Other (State)

Joint ‘Payroll Tax’ website launched for harmonized law and rulings [90]

NSW: legal professional privilege – guidelines applied by OSR

Qld stamp duty: exemption for ‘farm-in’ transactions in the resources sector – Public Ruling [92]

Vic stamp duty: motor vehicles drive-away-deals [93]

Vic stamp duty: aggregation provisions – draft Revenue Ruling [94]

WA stamp duty: aggregation of dutiable transactions – Revenue Ruling [95]



NZ to introduce legislation to allow Accounting bodies to merge and accountants to incorporate [96]

Trans-Tasman Proceedings Act 2010 proclaimed to start on 11 October 2013 [97]

*CPI: June quarter 2013 inflation up 0.4% over March 2013 and 2.4% over June 2012 [98]





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