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– November 2013 Developments –

This is a collection of developments in Australian tax law and practice that occurred in November 2013 and which aims at being of relevance to tax lawyers.*

F John Morgan
A member of the Victorian Bar (www.FJMtax.com)

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Acts & Bills

Monthly PAYG payers – Simpler (additional) method registered – first two months based on 1/3rd of last quarter with wash up payment to finish [1]

*Carbon tax repeal Bills introduced [2]

*Mining tax repeal Bill introduced – loss carry-back, low income super contribution abolished; SGC deferred; instant write-off reduced to 1k [3]

Innovation Grants Committee revoked by notice published in the Gazette [4]

Import processing charges to be increased – Bill introduced [5]

*Upfront HECS-HELP payment discount to be abolished – Bill introduced [6]



Australian Industry Group does not support repeal of the loss carry-back rules or reduction in SME write-offs but does support repeal of the Mining Tax [7]

*Government announces its position on unlegislated tax and super measures announced press release [8]

*Board of Taxation’s review of Div 7A to be broadened and extended to 31 October 2014: Assistant Treasurer [9]

*OECD seeks comments on draft technical changes to Model Tax Convention [10]

Senate Estimates hears from ATO on various issues including changes in policy of the new Government [11]

*IPA remind taxpayers to take advantage of current $6,500 ‘small business asset write-off’ before it is due to be abolished on 1 January 2014 [12]

*Liechtenstein and San Marino sign multilateral tax co-operation agreement in Jakarta – whilst other countries deposit important documents [13]

*OECD Global Forum moves towards automatic exchange of tax information and transparency [14]

OECD requests public input on tax challenges of the digital economy [15]




High Court

*Howard v FCT – special leave granted on one ground and refused on the other [16]

*Sanctuary Lakes Pty Ltd v FCT – taxpayer denied special leave to appeal decision that it was not entitled to deductions totaling id=”mce_marker”8m for golf resort [17]

*Shepherd Australia Ltd v FCT & Anor – taxpayer denied leave to appeal decision that it was not entitled to be endorsed as a DGR [18]

*Milne v The Queen – special leave granted for appeal against conviction for money laundering and tax offences [19]


Full Federal Court

*FCT v AAT and Cancer and Bowel Research Association Inc as trustee for the Cancer and Bowel Research Trust – DGR status: AAT ‘decision’ to remit matter to Commissioner for reconsideration not appealable as its not final [20]


Federal Court

*Hua Wang Bank Berhad & Ors v FCT (No 15) – Wickenby case: Court restricts use of evidence on basis of self-incrimination [21]

*IOOF Holdings Limited v FCT – Retrospective effect of consolidation amendment applied for taxpayer with private ruling in abeyance [22]

*PTTEP Australasia (Ashmore Cartier) Pty Ltd v FCT – Determination of taxable profit under PRRTAA – crude price determined per contract [23]


Federal Circuit Court

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

*Re Murray and FCT – Taxpayer had home in Bali, before being arrested on a visit back to Australia – held not resident during visit/detained years [24]

*No deduction for legal expenses to fight ASIC banning order and criminal charges in 2011 (earlier private rulings did not bind the FCT) [25]

Re Allboat Transport Pty Ltd and FCT – No remission of administrative penalty for lack of reasonable care in reporting BAS liabilities [26]

*Re Coshott and FCT – AAT has no power to stay operation of objection review process [27]

*Re Walters and FCT – AAT bound by declaration made on appeal by consent (but without reasons) [28]

*Re Stewart and FCT – Value of stapled securities not assessable; not acquired as part of share scheme [29]


Other Courts & Tribunals

*Thalia Corporation Pty Ltd v Bentleys (SA) Pty Ltd – Fees paid to accounting firm re ATO audit reduced on appeal [30]



Roberts v DCT – taxpayer has lodged an appeal against decision that he didn’t have an arguable case for conscious maladministration [31]




Decision Impact statements

Decision Impact Statements: Intoll Management; Park [32]

ATO Decision Impact Statements: Sanctuary Lakes; Fitzroy Services [33]



TR 2013/7 – Exemption of foreign income: member of disciplined force [34]

*TR 2013/D6 – whether payments or transfers to shareholders and associates under the Family Law Act are deemed or actual dividends [35]



Class Rulings & Product Rulings

CR 2013/78-82 – Worker entitlement fund; separation of business; proposed merger of funds; etc [36]

CR 2013/85-90 – Logbook; portable leave scheme; early retirement schemes [37]

PR 2013/21 – Commissioner will exercise his s35-55 discretion (about non-commercial business losses) for the 2008 Macquarie Almond Investment [38]

CR 2013/91-94 – Transfer payments; early retirement scheme, convertible shares, return of capital [39]



ATO Interpretive Decisions (ATOIDs)

Practice Statements

*PS LA 2013/5 – Collection of consolidated group tax liabilities – joint and several, subject to group being covered by a valid ‘tax sharing agreement’ [40]

*PS LA 2013/6: Collection of indirect tax debts – especially from GST Groups [41]

*ATO releases updated Code of settlement practice [42]


Tax Alerts

*TA 2013/3 – ATO warns professionals misusing discretionary trust partnerships – ‘further guidance’ being developed [43]


Other Commissioner news or statements

ATO provides early engagement to large business for amendments or objections [44]

*Warning over scheme involving stealing information to create payment summaries and collect fraudulent refund [45]

*ATO considering using external company auditors to provide assurance to it on various tax matters [46]

ATO vision for tax administration in the future [47]




Legislation & Announcements (GST)

Cases (GST)

*MBI Properties Pty Limited v FCT – Commissioner seeks leave to appeal to the High Court that there was no increasing adjustment and no continuing supply from the purchaser of the reversion [48]

*Professional Admin Service Centres Pty Ltd v FCT – No input tax credits for litigation funding provided to Nick Petroulias’ criminal defence [49]

*Re Zarev and FCT – GST registration restored (computer repair business) but assessments stand – ITC private and/or no invoices [50]

Re Trustee for the Grewal Property Trust and FCT – GST input tax credits partially disallowed – claim that substantiation failed because of flooding [51]

*Re Snugfit Australia Pty Ltd and FCT – Supply of sleep apnea product held to be GST-free as an item 82 night-time positioning equipment modification [52]


Rulings & Other things (GST)

*ATO interim view on MBI Properties case – No Increasing GST adjustment on sale of apartment GST-free (as no supply by purchaser of reversion) [53]

*AP Group Ltd v FCT – Interim Decision Impact Statement on vehicle incentive payments case [54]

CR 2013/83-84 – GST-related Class Rulings: input tax credits of waste contractors [55]

GSTR 2013/D2 – GST and moveable home estates: ATO welcomes feedback [56]

GST online import threshold – no change, but possible decision by next March [57]




Legislation, Announcements etc. (Super)

Low income superannuation contribution abolished and SGC increase to 12% deferred 2 years, with Bills to repeal the Mining Tax [58]


Cases (Super)

*Ioppolo & Hesford v Conti – SMSF: surviving trustee not obliged to appoint executor of deceased member as a trustee and he distributed her death benefits to himself despite directions to the contrary in her will [59]

*Parliamentary Trustee of the Parliamentary Contributory Superannuation Fund v FCT – Superannuation contributions surcharge constitutionally valid for Victorian MPs (but contributory fund) [60]

*Albrecht v FCT – Superannuation surcharge held constitutionally valid against WA police officers (police not important enough) [61]

*Australasian Annuities Pty Ltd (in liq) v Rowley Super Fund Pty Ltd – decision that the director breached his duties in making super contribution being appealed [62]


Rulings & Other things (Super)

*SPAA calls for increase in concessional super contributions cap than the current $25k/$35k regime [63]

ASIC warns real estate industry about recommending property investment through SMSFs without being appropriately licenced [64]

ASIC Commissioner update on SMSF advice and disclosure requirements [65]

*TD 2013/22 – Excess superannuation contributions – use of suspense accounts and reserving strategies [66]

Superannuation Discussion Paper on Regulation and Governance issued by Assistant Treasuer [67]

ASIC paper SMSF advice is “too narrowly focused” says ICAA [68]

Government prefers a regulatory “light touch” re SMSFs [69]




Carbon tax repeal Bills introduced [70]




Mining tax repeal Bill introduced – loss carry-back, low income super contribution abolished; SGC deferred; instant write-off reduced to id=”mce_marker”k [71]

*Further time to lodge 2013 MRRT return in light of mining tax repeal for certain entities: Instrument made [72]




*Charities: Extension granted for 2013 Annual Information Statement from 31.12.13 to 31.3.14 [73]





*Tax Inspector-General to review ATO’s administration of valuation matters [74]




*Tax Practitioners Board v Hinckfuss – Unregistered tax agent fined $32,000 [75]

Tax Practitioners Board releases updated CPE requirements [76]

Tax Practitioners Board – says labour hire firms may be required to register if the client can reasonably expect to rely on their services for tax obligations [77]

*Tax Practioners Board issues information sheets giving guidance for tax agents and BAS agents on the ‘reasonable care’ penalty requirement [78]




Legislation & Announcements (State)

ACT: Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2013 (No 2) awaits notification – $4,000 concession for employers who hire school leavers with a disability [79]

NSW land tax: increase in tax threshold for 2014 from $406,000 to $412,000 [80]

Qld: reduced royalties to promote mining investment in Galilee Basin [81]

SA: Stamp Duties (Off-the-plan apartments) Amendment Bill introduced [82]

SA: succession duties; off-the-plan apartments; housing construction grants: Bill updates [83]

Vic: State Taxation and Financial Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 – update [84]


Cases (State)

NSW stamp duty: Baptist Union of New South Wales v Chief Comr of State Revenue – no express trust, so duty exemption denied [85]


Rulings & Other (State)

NSW Govt responds to land valuation system inquiry [86]

Qld: impact of refund on unpaid tax interest for another outstanding liability – Public Ruling [87]

Qld stamp duty: transfers to local governments; beneficiary trust interest – Public Rulings released [88]

SA: housing construction grant extended – Revenue Rulings issued [89]

Tas: First Home Builder Boost increased from $8k to $23k – and after adding a $7k First Home Owner Grant, there is $30k of assistance [90]

WA: interim assessments; duties – easements; etc – Commissioner’s Practices [91]

WA land tax: Govt moves to change law to tighten exemption [91]




*Chartered accountants vote in favour of trans-Tasman Institute [92]

ASIC launches online hub to support small business [93]

Interest rates – no change – stay at 2.5% [94]

Australian Code of Ethics for Accountants: APES 110 amended to align it with the international code [95]

Productivity Commission inquiry into Child Care to examine everything, including possibly tax breaks as form of support [96]

*Australian Electoral Commission has now petitioned the High Court for orders that the election of the 6 WA senators is ‘absolutely void’ – new election likely [97]

Britain may tax foreign property investors: Deputy PM [98]

David Murray to head Financial System inquiry; draft terms of reference released [99]



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