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– September 2012 Developments –

This is a collection of developments in Australian tax law and practice that occurred in September 2012and which aims at being of relevance to tax lawyers.*

F John Morgan
A member of the Victorian Bar (www.FJMtax.com)

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Acts & Bills

*Tax Laws Amendment (2012 Measures No 4) Bill 2012 now law [1]

*Tax Laws Amendment (2012 Measures No 5) Bill 2012 was introduced – various minor amendments [2]

*Transfer Pricing Bill that is retrospective back to 2004 gets Royal Assent on 8 September 2012 [3]

*Investment Manager Regime Bill receives Assent – ‘FIN 48’ (Element 1) for 2010-11 and earlier years – ‘conduit income’ (Element 2) for 2010-11 and subsequent years [4]

Directors’ liability reform in line with COAG harmonization and relief principles – Commonwealth Bill introduced [5]

*NFP/Charities Bills pass House of Reps with amendments [6]

*Legislation introduced to rename the Federal Magistrates Court as the Federal Circuit Court of Australia [7]

Sunsetting Bill and Law Revision Bills get Royal Assent [8]



Divided House of Reps Committee recommends NFP/charities Bills be passed without amendment or delay – but with some other recommendations [9]

Charities and NFP Bills: Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee releases transcript of its public hearing on 4 September 2012 [10]

Senate committee report on NFP/Charities Bills tabled [11]

*‘Gag clauses’ banned in ‘Not For Profit’ sector contracts – Government announcement and amendments to legislation [12]

*Words of caution about the ‘reform’ of Part IVA from Logan J – if it were to eliminate the ‘do nothing’ postulate [13]

Net effect of company tax cut traded off against repeal of other tax concessions [14]




High Court

Full Federal Court

*FCT v Park – ATO garnishee notice valid: Commissioner’s appeal allowed [15]

*Binetter v DCT – Taxpayer loses appeal on review of Commissioner’s decision to issue a s 264 notice issue [16]

*Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited v Konza – Full Federal Court confirms validity of s 264 notices seeking Vanuatu bank information [17]


Federal Court

*Palassis & Ors v FCT (No 2) – Income tax and GST assessments, and Div 7A issues: AAT ordered to rehear case [18]

*Thorpe v FCT – AAT ordered to rehear case after reproducing the Commissioner’s submissions without attribution (no independent thought?) [19]

*DCT v Bollands & Ors – Freezing orders varied to allow taxpayer access to funds for legal expenses [20]

*Bell v FCT – CGT – Court finds the ‘net asset value test’ failed because an money was held in an interest off-set account instead of being used to pay off the mortgage – even though another loan in trust did relate to assets [21]

*Fowler v FCT – date of acquiring share option rights: taxpayer loses before Federal Court [22]


Federal Magistrates Court

*Government to rename the Federal Magistrates Court as the ‘Federal Circuit Court of Australia’ [23]


Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

*Re Nelson and FCT – Taxpayer not carrying on primary production business – activities preparatory [24]

*Re Sully and FCT – Taxpayer was a resident of Australia: domicile test satisfied [25]

*Re Siddiqi and FCT – Amended assessments following cash economy audit mainly affirmed [26]

Re Suburban Property Owner and FCT – No deduction for interest on inter-entity loans – insufficient evidence [27]

*Re Pala and FCT – Accountant’s failure to remit PAYG on his own remuneration results in penalties for ‘intentional disregard of the law’ and uplift [28]

Re Wray-McCann and FCT – Commissioner’s refusal to withdraw District Court proceedings not reviewable in the AAT [29]



Other Courts & Tribunals

*DCT v Zammitt – No recovery of penalty under new DPN regime – requirement not met [30]

*DCT v Gashi & Anor – Court maintains 2010 freezing orders over wife’s assets despite her assessment being reduced from $1,600k to $42k plus penalties [31]

*Legal Services Commissioner v Turner – Leave granted to contest reprimand imposed by VCAT 10 years failure to lodge tax returns [32]



*Sea Shepherd appeals to Federal Court on its DGR status [33]

*Hua Wang Bank Berhad & Ors v FCT (No 2) – taxpayer appeals Federal Court decision dismissing application to review Commissioner’s decision to request information from HMRC [34]




Decision Impact statements

Decision Impact Statements: private rulings; boat and rental property deductions [35]

*FCT v Noza Holdings Pty Ltd & Anor – deduction for dividend on debt interest incurred to derive NANE income from a foreign source and no Part IVA dominant purpose [36]

*Trustee failed to obtain orders under s63 of the NSW Trustee Act as it was really to head off the Commissioner’s assessment [37]




TD 2012/20 – Value of goods taken from stock for private use: 2011-12 [38]

*TD 2012/D6 – obligation of agents and trustees to retain sufficient money to pay tax under s254 includes tax not yet assessed [39]

*TD 2012/D7 – Receiver disposing of asset has an obligation to retain sufficient money to pay CGT under s254 [40]

Class Rulings & Product Rulings


CR 2012/66-79 – Special dividend; FBT exempt preventative health checks, and Early Retirement Schemes [41]

*CR 2012/80 – Selective capital reduction will not be treated as a ‘buy-back’ for the purposes of Div 16K [42]



ATO Interpretive Decisions (ATOIDs)

Practice Statements

Tax Alerts

Other Commissioner news

*October-December 2012 quarter GIC will be 10.62% and SIC rate will be 6.62%  [43]

*ATO prosecutes 2,000 for tax and super offences in 2011-12 [44]

ATO Second Commissioner appointment announced – Mr Geoff Leeper from outside the ATO [45]




Legislation & Announcements (GST)

GST Regs amended to ensure credit unions that rebrand as banks retain their access to RITCs [46]

GST recommendations for low value parcels: Government Taskforce [47]

*Refunding excess GST: ASFA submission on draft legislation in proposed Division 36 [48]


Cases (GST)

Re A.P. Group Limited and FCT – Net GST amounts of motor vehicle dealerships reduced [49]

*Re Wynnum Holdings No 1 Pty Ltd & Ors and FCT – input tax credits disallowed because JV nominee not carrying on an enterprise (dubious) and property not ‘commercial residential premises’ [50]


Rulings & Other things (GST)

Decision Impact Statements on pre-GST contracts and GST-free status of supplies under those contracts [51]

*Decision Impact Statements on Tribunal case for input tax credits on second hand aircraft [52]

*Decision Impact Statement in ECC Southbank case – GST and commercial residential premises for student accommodation [53]

*Addendum to MT 2010/1 – for the International All Sports & Anor v FCT decision – s105-65 can’t restrict GST refunds when the supply hasn’t been mis-classified [54]




Legislation (Super)

*Second tranche of the ‘Stonger Super’ (MySuper and governance) reforms receive Royal Assent on 8 September 2012 [54]

*Electronic portability request scheme for super benefits: draft regs [55]

*Trans-Tasman superannuation portability: draft legislation released, but limits in Australia on Super transferred from NZ [56]

*New Bills will give tax relief for merging super funds; will require SMSF auditors to register with ASIC to audit; will require greater reporting each year; and increase the quality of data [57]

*Superannuation Legislation Amendment (Further MySuper and Transparency Measures) Bill 2012 – entry fees banned; intra-fund advice cost limited; life insurance on a opt-out basis; and can’t charge fees paid to adviser [58]


Cases (Super)

*Re Sinclair and FCT – Early access to superannuation benefit included in taxpayer’s assessable income but 25% penalty remitted [59]

*SCCASP Holdings as trustee for the H&R Super Fund v FCT – Trust distribution of capital gain held to be “special income” derived by SMSF [60]


Rulings (Super)

*DIS – Senior public servants not senior enough to escape Superannuation Surcharge on constitutional grounds established in Clarke [61]


Announcements etc (Super)

Superannuation Roundtable agrees on better promote the small business clearing house [62]

APRA announces consultation on increased reporting requirements for the superannuation funds it regulates [63]

*30% super contributions tax for taxpayers above $300,000 – extra 15% to be levied on the individual – per ATO [64]

ATO right regulatory body to oversee SMSF sector, says SPAA [65]




Greens to try to lock in rebate for State royalties at levels applying on 1 July 2011 [66]

*Carbon Tax – Bills introduced to link carbon price with EU and to remove the price floor [67]

TA 2012/6 – ATO warns on offshore emission unit schemes, which may not exist, and a 100% deduction is claimed despite paying only a small portion to a tax haven [68]




Government says it can’t comply with a Senate order for MRRT information presented by the Shadow Assistant Treasurer [69]




*Board’s reports into the Tax Design Review Panel’s recommendations and TIES – and Asst. Treasurer’s speech admitting there is more they could do [70]

*Board of Taxation seeks written submissions for its post-implementation review of the consolidation regime and issues a discussion paper [71]




*ATO to publish all findings of external scrutineers [72]

Tax Commissioner to be scrutinized at annual JCPAA public hearing [73]




Qualification requirements for “non-accountants”: TPB Information Sheet [74]

*Code of Professional Conduct: Tax Board Draft Information Sheets on ‘reasonable care’ requirements [75]

*Court orders $40,000 penalty for unregistered tax agent: TPB [76]

*Re Tung and Tax Practitioners Board – AAT held that the Board’s decision to de-register the Tax Agent was not excessive and was affirmed [77]

Tax agents beware of being used by others to lodge false returns: Tax Practice Board Chairman: Dale Boucher [78]




Legislation (State)

NSW: Revenue Legislation Further Amendment Bill introduced [79]

*Qld Budget – Fiscal Repair Amendment Bill 2012 [80]

SA stamp duty: off-the-plan apartment duty concession; Budget Bill laid aside [81]

*Vic: Fire Services Property Levy Bill update [82]

WA: Budget pay-roll tax rebate; other revenue law amendments: Bill awaits Assent [83]


Cases (State)

*Chubb Electronic Security Australia Pty Ltd v Comr of State Taxation – SA stamp duty: Withdrawal of ex gratia relief cannot be reviewed on an appeal [84]

*OZ Minerals Ltd & Anor v Comr of State Revenue – WA stamp duty: Indonesian mining interests not “land”; company not a land-holder [85]


Rulings (State)

*NSW: interest penalties – rate decrease from 3.66% to 3.62% [86]


Other (State)

*Qld Budget 2012-13: land transfer duty rate increases; coal royalties increase; gambling tax increases and First Home Construction Grant [87]




*Official interest rates – on hold at 3.5% [88]

Goverment’s Asian Century ‘White Paper’ to cover tax policy directions [89]

Institute of Public Accountants opposes proposed Standard on Financial Planning Services for accountants [90]

*Small business tax compliance cost more than doubles since 1995 – per Institute of Chartered Accountant’s research [91]

*Final 2011-12 Budget Outcome a $43.7bn cash deficit [92]






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