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– January 2014 Developments –

This is a collection of developments in Australian tax law and practice that occurred in January 2014 and which aims at being of relevance to tax lawyers.*

F John Morgan
A member of the Victorian Bar (www.FJMtax.com)

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Acts & Bills

PAYG withholding variations arrangements for occasional donations to a DGR under a workplace giving arrangement [1]

*Investment Manager Regime: 3rd and final draft of legislation released for investment in or through Australia by Qualifying Foreign Funds [2]



*Small business superannuation clearing house going from Medicare to the ATO as part of the Government’s plans to reduce ‘red tape’ [3]

*US Republican Party votes to repeal FATCA [4]

*Treasury consults on Employee Share Schemes for start-ups etc [5]

Offshore Banking Unit regime changes – 1 July 2015 start date announced [6]

*Government (still) looking for an alternative to the ACNC [7]




High Court


Full Federal Court


Federal Court

*DCT v Specialised Finance Group Pty Ltd – instructions for AAT review of disallowed ITCs and offer to pay half of tax not enough to stave off winding up [8]

*Watsford v FCT – assessed discount on shares acquired under employee share option scheme on date employment terminated, despite no options being exercised until next year (Div 13A) [9]

*Taras Nominees Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Burnley Street Trust v FCT – CGT liability arises on transfer of land to “joint development trust” [10]


Federal Circuit Court


Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

*Re XTJT and FCT – interest and other holding costs, in acquiring her husband’s brother’s share of land not deductible – private not business purposes [11]

*Re Gutteridge and FCT – Taxpayers get CGT relief as trust was a ‘small business entity’ – appointor father was de facto director [12]

*Re PNGR & Anor and FCT – significant investment properties bought with only modest income, amendments made outside 4-year period for fraud or evasion [13]

*Re The Study and Prevention of Psychological Diseases Foundation Incorporated and FCT – Psychological diseases foundation denied tax-exempt charity status [14]

*Re Gleeson and FCT – Truck driver allowed deductions for unsubstantiated work-related expenses [15]

*Re Mathoura Property Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Mathoura Property Trust and FCT – Taxpayer failed to take reasonable care in preparing BAS [16]

*Re VPFD and FCT – Deductions relating to a rental property business mostly disallowed [17]

*Re Yeates and FCT – Deductions for work-related expenses denied [18]

*Deductions denied for $1m losses in MIS investment – going back 4 years under scheme to obtain ‘tax benefit’ qualification [19]


Other Courts & Tribunals

*Palermo v Palermo [No 2] – Business corporate and trust arrangements cannot be re-interpreted as a partnership [20]

*Hancock v Rinehart – Commissioner denied access to court files in Rinehart case until matter completed, though could look at specified material [21]



Re Desalination Technology Pty Ltd and FCT – Commissioner appeals AAT decision to allow a $363k R&D tax offset [22]

Australian Pipeline Limited as Responsible Entity for the Australian Pipeline Trust v FCT – taxpayer appeals decision denying depreciation on pipeline under consolidation regime [23]




Decision Impact statements

Crown Insurance case – source of non-resident insurance company income was not Australian [24]

Macquarie Bank (OBU) case – ATO view of the Full Federal Court decision not to apply the anti ‘U-turns’ Practice Statement (and render that issue non-justiciable) [25]

FCT v Cancer and Bowel Research Association Inc atf the Cancer and Bowel Research Trust – AAT decision to remit charitable institution status matter [26]

ATO releases 3 Decision Impact Statements [27]





*TD 2014/D1 – Dividend washing and Pt IVA (SMSF) [28]

*TD 2014/D2-D6 – Consolidation and rights to future income and residual tax cost setting rules [29]

TD 2014/D7 – capital support given to loss making subsidiary not deductible under any provision in the ATO’s view [30]


Class Rulings & Product Rulings

PR 2014/1 – National rental affordability scheme joint venture offsets etc. [31]

CR 2014/4-5 – Special dividend; donations invoice via SMS [32]

CR 2014/6-9 – GST fees by councils; dental benefits; demerger; capital reallocation [33]

CR 2014/10-14Share consolidation; demerger; SMS donations; employee equity plan [34]


ATO Interpretive Decisions (ATOIDs)

ATO ID 2013/63 Update – MIT withholding tax obligations [35]


Practice Statements


Tax Alerts


Other Commissioner news or statements

FBT returns: ATO changes due date for tax agents lodging 2014 returns [36]

ATO reminder tax labels (for income of the trust and beneficiary’s share) has moved in 2013 trust tax returns [37]

SME tax compliance a focus for the ATO [38]

TFN application process simplified by partnership with Australia Post (with its 460 retail outlets) [39]

ATO to data-match payments from local governments [40]

ATO calls on large businesses for paid practical input (with suitable experience) [41]




Legislation & Announcements (GST)


Cases (GST)

*Re Harland as Trustee for the PCS Global Discretionary Trust and FCT – No entitlement to ITCs for trustee of discretionary trust; penalty affirmed [42]

*Re Swanbat Pty Ltd v FCT – Commissioner appeals AAT decision that an assessment to recoup a refund of GST more than 4 years ago was excessive [43]


Rulings & Other things (GST)

*GSTD 2014/1 – GST private rulings available as a means of getting the Commissioner’s s105-65 refund decision before the AAT – post Naidoo case [44]

CR 2014/6 – GST on charges imposed by NSW Councils for administration, animals, approvals/permits, health, impounding and pest control [45]

Re Snugfit Australia Pty Ltd v FCT – a sleep positioning system did ‘modify’ the mattress and was GST-free as a medical aid or appliance [46]




Legislation, Announcements etc. (Super)


Cases (Super)

*Wooster v Morris – SMSF trustee held personally liable for disputing valid ‘Binding Death Benefit Nomination’ [47]

*SCCASP Holdings atf the H&R Super Fund v FCT – Taxpayer seeks leave from the High Court to argue distribution of capital gain is not ‘special income’ [48]


Rulings & Other things (Super)

Div 293 assessments on super concessional contributions (for those with income of over $300k) will issue in February 2014 [49]

*SMSF trustees will be required to receive electronic payments by 1 July 2014 (per SuperStream) – ATO to publish a list of service providers in readiness [50]

TD 2014/D1 – Dividend washing and Pt IVA (SMSF) [51]

Superannuation non-statutory reform or consultation bodies to be disbanded: Assistant Treasurer [52]




Government releases Green Paper on its proposed Emissions Reduction Fund [53]





*Instrument registered prescribing which ‘State and Territory entities’ are ‘government entities’ and thus excluded from definition of “charity” in the Act [54]

*Charity registration application form updated as Charities Act takes effect [55]

*ACNC releases Interpretation Statement on Indigenous charities [56]

*Government (still) looking for an alternative to the ACNC [57]










Tax Practitioners Board approved courses – qualifications lists updated [58]

Tax Practitioners Board reminds Registered Tax and BAS agents to advise it of their PI insurance details and keep them up-to-date [59]

*Re Mahaffy and the Tax Practitioners Board – Decision not to renew tax agent’s registration stayed [60]

*TPB releases guidance on managing conflicts of interest [61]




Legislation & Announcements (State)


Cases (State)

*ACT stamp duty: Comr of ACT Revenue v Araghi & Anor – Commissioner loses appeal regarding ‘interdependent house and land contracts’ [62]           39

ACT landholder duty: Francey v Comr for ACT Revenue – constructive trust, so no liability on transfer of shares [63]    40

*NSW payroll tax: Smith’s Snackfood Company Ltd v Chief Comr of State Revenue – taxpayer wins appeal: contractors not engaged under a ‘relevant contract’ [64] 41

*WA land tax: Quito Pty Ltd and Comr of State Revenue – rural business exemption allowed [65]     41


Rulings & Other (State)

ACT stamp duty: progressive abolition of duty on general insurance policies – adjustments to help facilitate this [66]

NSW: check for “forgotten” dollars (unclaimed money) held by OSR [67]

*Tasmanian State election to be on 15 March 2014 [68]

Vic stamp duty: aggregation of dutiable transactions and domestic builders – Revenue Ruling updated [69]




FoFA amendments – draft regulations and legislation released [70]

Post-implementation reviews OK: Non-commercial losses; FBT and car fringe benefits; ESS [71]

Commission of Audit (to find savings in Government spending) – phase one reporting date of 31 January 2014 to be extended by 2 weeks [72]

CPI: up 0.8% for December quarter 2013 (2.7% over the year to 31 December 2013) [73]

Australia as Chair of G20 will address tax and the global economy [74]

*Australian Valuation Office to close [75]

Tax Expenditures Statement 2013 released [76]

Financial System Inquiry website launched [77]

OECD releases Draft on transfer pricing documentation and country-by-country reporting [78]





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