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– July 2012 Developments –

This is a collection of developments in Australian tax law and practice that occurred in July 2012 and which aims at being of relevance to tax lawyers.*

F John Morgan
A member of the Victorian Bar (www.FJMtax.com)

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Acts & Bills

Shipping reform tax incentives – regulation made [1]

Draft charities legislation referred to Reps Economics Committee over Parliamentary Winter Recess [2]

Tax free treatment of water infrastructure improvement receipts – draft legislation released with effect back to 1 April 2010 [3]

Mature age worker offset phase out: draft legislation [4]



Film producer tax offset – definition of “documentary” – further details [5]

*Scrip-for-scrip rollover amendments to improve integrity provisions – Treasury paper released to consult on provisions to date back to 8 May 2012 [6]

*Bad debts written off between related parties – Treasury releases discussion paper on 2012-13 Budget announcement to deny deduction and disregard gain [7]

Certain Instruments (Tier 2 capital instruments under Basel III) can be treated as debt – Treasury releases discussion paper on Budget announcement [8]

*Meaning of ‘limited recourse debt’: Treasury releases discussion paper seeking views for Budget announcement to limit deductions when taxpayer not at risk [9]

*Loss carry-back for companies – Treasury releases discussion paper [10]

*Government’s Forward Work Program for Tax Measures [11]

Italian earthquakes – declaration of a disaster for tax purposes [12]

*Treasury releases discussion paper on changing the definition of ‘fixed trusts’ [13]

*Trust reform start date deferred – Division 6, MIT’s & Streaming [14]

Inquiry into LAFHA changes – transcript released [15]




High Court

Full Federal Court

*LVR (WA) Pty Ltd & Anor v AAT and FCT – AAT caught copying Commr’s submissions and Court ordered a different member to re-hear the case [16]


Federal Court

*August v FCT – Profits on sale of property and land assessable as ordinary income [17]

*Ferguson v FCT – Valid to lodge appeal to court on the substantive issue and an application to the AAT to review the shortfall penalty decision [18]

Binetter v DCT (No 3) – Section 264 notice stands [19]

*Collection Point Pty Ltd v FCT – Taxpayer’s FOI request for names of members with unclaimed moneys denied as ATO would have to write a new program to comply [20]

*FCT v Rawson Finances Pty Ltd – Court overturns AAT: taxpayer fails to discharge onus of proving that deposits of $4.75m were only loans [21]

*Messenger Press Proprietary Limited & Ors v FCT – News Corp entitled to deductions for over $2bn in foreign exchange losses [22]


Federal Magistrates Court

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

*RACV Sales and Marketing Pty Ltd and Innovation Australia – Development of the ANCAP Crash Testing Methodology over 8 years held not R&D [23]

Re Sanctuary Lakes Pty Ltd and FCT – Deductions of $18m denied in relation to restructure of golf resort complex [24]

*Re Elliott and FCT – the “foreign transactions” exception to the 2-year amendment rule did not allow the assessment of foreign employment income [25]

*Re Fayle and FCT – PSI: taxpayer cannot re-litigate matter previously decided against him [26]

Re Armirthalingam and FCT – Taxpayer fails to show assessments excessive re gambling and motor vehicle claims [27]

*Re Yazbek and FCT – Commissioner’s amendment within time under s170(1), item (1)(d) because Taxpayer was a “beneficiary of a [discretionary] trust” despite getting no distribution [28]


Other Courts & Tribunals


*Greenhatch case – only discounted capital gain is assessable to the beneficiary [29]




Decision Impact statements

Tandem master parachutist was an ‘employee’ for SGC purposes – entertainment or sport [30]

Lake Fox case – Health insurance not a s58M exempt FBT benefit – not in respect of work related medical screening or preventative health care [31]

Clark v FCT and International All Sports cases – so far as they relate to ‘Calderbank Offers’ – no change to PS LA 2009/9 (Conduct of Litigation) [32]



TR 2012/D5 – Public unit trusts in a stapled group and connected entities [33]



TD 2012/18 – NZ citizens are still ‘temporary residents’ after departing under their ‘special category visa’ as their citizenship still gives them ‘visa’ access [34]

TD 2012/19 – When non-share equity interest is issued through a PE [35]


Class Rulings & Product Rulings

CR 2012/49-52 – ESS; dental scheme; cadetship payments; capital return [36]

CR 2012/53-54 – Final ordinary dividend and special dividend; company merger [37]

PR 2012/25 – Professional sports person’s Temporary Total Disability Insurance proceeds included in his ordinary income [38]

CR 2012/55 – University stipend of veterinary studies is ordinary income, but exempt [39]



ATO Interpretive Decisions (ATOIDs)

Practice Statements

Draft PS LA 3582 – Commissioner’s discretion to retain refunds (of any tax) under s8AAZLGA of the TAA [40]


Tax Alerts

ATO warns about schemes to access private company profits through dividend arrangements [41]


Other Commissioner news

ATO’s view on Commissioner’s discretion to retain ‘high risk’ refunds [42]

*ATO’s strategic direction 2012-13 [43]

*ATO releases its 2012-13 Compliance Program [44]

Extended ATO compliance focus areas [45]

Second Commissioner to head HMRC compliance in the UK [46]

*New ATO income tax guide for non-profit organisations [47]

*Government rejects JCPAA recommendation for transparency in tax policy and legislative problems [48]

*PAYG withholding payment summary – closely held lodgment concession [49]




Legislation (GST)

*GST regs amended to make all of HP taxable; extend RITC’s for Life Insurance; modify RITC’s for trustees and clarify guarantees and indemnities [50]


Cases (GST)

*re A.P. Group Limited and FCT – GST: Certain motor vehicle “incentive” payments not consideration for a supply [51]

*GST: second-hand aircraft acquired before 1 July 2000 were not acquired for the correct purpose and ITC’s were not available – objection decision upheld [52]

*Yacoub v FCT – taxpayer liable for all of the GST because it was held it was in a common law partnership and jointly liable with the insolvent third party [53]

Re Baini and FCT – GST and income tax assessments confirmed for taxi business [54]

Re Campbell and FCT – GST input credits denied – taxpayer unable to prove she was carrying on a software enterprise – records and code stolen [55]

Re Trnka and FCT – GST: no entitlement to input tax credits as no valid invoices [56]


Rulings & Other things (GST)

GSTR 2012/3 – when care services and accommodation provided to residents in privately funded retirement villages is GST-free [57]

*GSTR 2012/D3 – Draft ruling on the various requirements for ‘tax invoices’ [58]


GST Announcements (Other)

ATO guides and factsheets for GST and indirect taxes [59]




Legislation (Super)

Penalties for promoters of illegal early release super – Govt to introduce penalties legislation [60]

*SMSF approved auditors to be registered with and monitored by ASIC – as from 1 July 2013 – draft legislation released [61]

*SMSF ban on related party off-market transfers and new ATO powers deferred to 1 July 2013 [62]

Transfer of certain unclaimed super monies to the Commonwealth: draft regs released [63]


Cases (Super)

*Kelly v FCT (No 2) – Family trust denied superannuation deduction for directors of the corporate trustee as they were not ‘employees’ – having no right to be paid under the constitution etc [64]

*Re Bornstein and FCT – Excess contributions tax set aside; special circumstances found [65]

*Re Colless and FCT – Late super contribution made via clearing account; no jurisdiction to reallocate contribution to earlier year [66]

*Parliamentary Trustee of the Parliamentary Contributory Superannuation Fund v FCT – Superannuation contributions surcharge assessments upheld [67]

*Re Walsh and FCT; Re Wilson and FCT; Re Bridge and FCT – AAT confirms no immunity from super surcharge for senior SA public servants [68]


Rulings (Super)

TR 2012/6 – Superannuation fund deductions for disability insurance premiums [69]


Announcements etc (Super)

New data standards for super contributions: employers, SMSFs, APRA funds [70]

Expanded superannuation reporting: exposure draft legislation released [71]




Coalition outlines its plan to abolish the carbon tax [72]




ATO guides and factsheets: MRRT & PRRT [73]




*Part-Time Members Reappointed to the Board of Taxation – including Keith James [74]




*IGOT report – ATO use of early and alternative dispute resolution practices – ATO agrees with 14 of the 21 recommendations for it [75]




Agents should update PI cover details: Tax Board [76]




Legislation (State)

Cases (State)

EK Anderson Investments Pty Ltd ATF CACS Property Trust v Chief Comr of State Revenue – NSW land tax: taxpayer under obligation to inform Commissioner of special trust [77]

Roman Catholic Church Trust Corporation of the Archdiocese of Hobart v Comr of State Revenue – Tas stamp duty: transfer of school plant and equipment not a “gift” [78]

Comr of State Revenue v Australand Investments Pty Ltd – Vic land rich provisions apply differently to 2 similar transactions – depending on whether transitional provisions applied [79]

Ashleigh Developments Pty Ltd v Chief Comr of State Revenue (RD) – NSW land tax: property developer did not get primary production exemption [80]

Chamber of Commerce v Industry of WA (Inc) v Comr of State Revenue – WA payroll tax: promotion of commerce a charitable purpose, so exemption allowed [81]

Pharmos Nominees Pty Ltd v Comr of State Taxation – SA stamp duty: instrument was a conveyance, but value to be reconsidered [82]


Rulings (State)


Other (State)

ACT publishes various rates on Revenue Office Website [83]

Vic: landholder duty provisions – OSR guidance released [84]



Official interest rates – no change at 3.5% [85]

*Paper released on the wealth held on tax havens and how this influences our understanding of inequality  [86]





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