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– June 2013 Developments –

This is a collection of developments in Australian tax law and practice that occurred in June 2013 and which aims at being of relevance to tax lawyers.*

F John Morgan
A member of the Victorian Bar (www.FJMtax.com)

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Acts & Bills

*Tax (2013 No 2) Bill – amended to delete tax agent regime for financial planners [1]

*Tax Laws Amendment (2013 Measures No 3) Bill 2013 – Financial planners get 12-month extension to comply with TASA: Bill introduced and passed [2]

*Tax Laws Amendment Bills 1, 2 and 3 all passed [3]

*Tax Bill (2013 No 4) introduced: refunding excess GST; R&D changes [4]

*Major tax Bills passed: Pt IVA and transfer pricing amendments; loss carry back; medical expenses rebate, etc [5]

Private Health Insurance Amendment Bills pass Reps [6]

PAYG withholding schedules made – by registered ATO instrument [7]

*Requirement to lodge 2013 annual tax returns – determinations made [8]

Effective lives of Depreciating Assets determined by the Commissioner – new determination registered [9]

International Cricket Council Development International Limited to be tax exempt for 5 years – Regulations registered [10]

Baby Bonus reduction etc – Bill passed [11]



*New PM and Treasurer sworn in (following change in leadership) [12]

*‘Tax and Transfer Policy Institute’ launched and ATO will double the amount of ‘de-identified’ tax return data in the public domain available for research [13]

*Preventing “dividend washing”: Discussion Paper released by Treasury [14]

*Capping of self-education expense deductions from 1 July 2014: Treasury paper released [15]

Treasury’s forward work program on tax measures updated and released [16]

Government to review regulatory arrangements of employee share schemes for start-ups [17]

Employee share schemes: details of Govt review [18]

*Preventing dividend washing – specific integrity rule: Assistant Treasurer [19]




High Court

*Agius v The Queen – Wickenby: High Court dismisses taxpayer’s appeal against conviction against second charge [20]

FCT v Crown Insurance (Vanuatu) – High Court refuses Commissioner leave to appeal decision that insurance income did not have an Australian source [21]

Reardon & Anor v DCT – High Court refuses directors leave to appeal against summary judgment given under DPN notice provisions [22]

Weeks v FCT – High Court refuses special leave to appeal from decision that termination payment was not a ‘genuine redundancy payment’ [23]


Full Federal Court


Federal Court

*Hua Wang Bank Berhad & Ors v DCT – Taxpayers refused appeal from GIC decision [24]

*Derrin Brothers Properties Limited v DCT – Wickenby: No grounds to appeal decision to refuse to grant stay of summary judgment [25]

*FCT v Pham – AAT errs in making non-disclosure order to protect taxpayers in defending criminal proceedings [26]


Federal Circuit Court


Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

*Taxpayer’s appeal dismissed as ‘share awards’ treated as Div 13E Qualifying Rights that vested just before the GFC – 25% penalty upheld too [27]

*Re Trustee for the Farant Family Trust and FCT – Delivery drivers were common law employees: PAYG Liabilities; SGC & FBT assessments upheld [28]

*No grounds to re-open AAT hearing to introduce new evidence [29]

*Indian taxpayer a ‘resident’ despite absences from Australia – but he and his wife did own a house here and she and their adult children lived here [30]

*Re Hefner and FCT – non-commercial losses cannot be off-set against other income under the discretion [31]

*Re Ozone Manufacturing Pty Ltd and FCT – R&D tax offset denied on ‘beverage purifier devices’ [32]

Re Matthews and FCT – AAT has no jurisdiction to hear taxpayer’s claim for review of BAS liabilities [33]


Other Courts & Tribunals

*DCT v Robertson – Summary judgment granted for GST debts of a partnership [34]


*Commissioner appeals in Cancer and Bowell Research case, despite winning one point and having the other referred back to him [35]




Decision Impact statements

*Sent case – ATO agrees that the Taxpayer’s income included both accrued and un-accrued bonuses applied to executive share trusts [36]

*Denlay case – ATO’s Wickenby garnishee notices set aside as wholly unreasonable [37]

*Re: ZZGN v FCT in the AAT – Commissioner’s interim views on deductibility of PRRT exploration [38]

*Timing of GIC deductibility: ATO view on Nash case [39]

Hua Wang Bank Berhad challenge on notice to produce from Samoa and Picton Finance on share trading in Vanuatu [40]



TR 2013/4 – Effective life of depreciating assets, from 1 July 2013 [41]



TD 2013/14 – Meaning of “deployment” under s 23AG [42]

TD 2013/15 – Car depreciation limit for 2013-14 is $57,466 [43]

TD 2013/D5 – Dividend access share arrangement a likely Pt IVA scheme in the nature of ‘dividend stripping’ [44]      26


Class Rulings & Product Rulings

CR 2013/33-39 – Transfer payments; business restructure; R&D; FBT; demerger; early retirement; GST [45]

PR 2013/13 – Income consequences of an option product [46]

CR 2013/40-46: Early retirement scheme; GST; equity notes; FBT; restructure; disability support; capital notes [47]

CR 2013/47 – Xstrata shareholders can claim CGT scrip-for-scrip rollover on exchanging for shares in Glencore International [48]


ATO Interpretive Decisions (ATOIDs)


Practice Statements

PS LA 2013/2 – Practice Statement on provision of accredited economic advice [49]


Tax Alerts


Other Commissioner news

*GIC and SIC rates released for July-September 2013 quarter [50]

*Div 7A: private company loans – 2013-14 benchmark interest rate down to 6.20% (from 7.05%) [51]

Means tested ‘private health insurance rebate’ assessed in 2012/13 return – new Medicare income thresholds published with tables [52]

Tax Commissioner and his scrutineers to appear before Parliamentary committee [53]




Legislation & Announcements (GST)

Tax Bill (2013 No 4) introduced: refunding excess GST; R&D changes [54]


Cases (GST)

*Re Sanctuary Australasia Pty Ltd and FCT – Taxpayer not entitled to review of s8AAZLGA decision to withhold a refund once superseded by a zero amended assessment [55]

ATS Pacific Pty Ltd v FCT – Taxpayer appeals Federal Court decision that travel agent’s services to other travel agents overseas are not GST-free [56]

*Bayconnection Property Developments Pty Ltd & Ors v FCT – Appeal dismissed re claimed ITCs re property development [57]

*High Court dismisses Taxpayer’s application to appeal from decision imposing ‘margin scheme’ tax instead of ‘going concern’ GST-free treatment [58]

*Re The Trustee for Andrew Garrett Family Trust No 3 and FCT – objection not lodged as alleged, so no deemed objection decision for AAT to review – refund GST [59]

*Re Clayton and FCT – Taxpayers not carrying on an enterprise for GST purposes [60]

Yacoub v FCT – Taxpayer discontinues appeal to Full Federal Court leaving decision they were liable as partners to GST on the sale of the property [61]


Rulings & Other things (GST)

ATO view on Wynnum Holdings cases – GST refunds and carrying on an enterprise [62]

ATO view on Yacoub case – Taxpayers liable for GST on sale of property as the relevant entity was a partnership and they were liable for its tax debts [63]

*PS LA 2013/2 (GA) – GST treatment of Australian taxes, fees and charges determined by Australian government agencies won’t be disturbed retrospectively [64]




Legislation, Announcements etc. (Super)

*Super income streams: ITA Regs amended to allow pension exemption to continue in fund after death of member and a revised proportioning rule [65]

SMSF levy fee increase and payment date brought forward under new Regulations [66]

*Calculation of interest on unclaimed money (including super): regs made to pay interest at the 10 year bond rate [67]

*Bills to allow withdrawal of excess concessional super contributions to pay tax outside the fund [68]

MySuper transfers – loss relief and CGT roll-over: Bill amended [69]

Various Superannuation Bills passed and await Assent [70]

MySuper reform Bill receives Royal Assent [71]

Trans-Tasman Retirement Savings Portability to start on 1 July 2013 [72]


Cases (Super)

SCCASP Holdings as trustee for the H&R Super Fund v FCT – Taxpayer seeks leave to appeal decision about ‘special income’ to the High Court [73]

Re Fraser v FCT – taxpayer discontinued appeal from AAT decision that he was not an ‘eligible person’ and his contributions were not deductible [74]

*Re Young & Anor and FCT – Super surcharge assessments set aside for Deputy State Solicitors of WA based on Constitutional Grounds [75]


Rulings & Other things (Super)

APRA final reporting standards for superannuation released (for APRA regulated funds) – MySuper and SuperStream reforms [76]

Lost and unclaimed superannuation money: discussion paper released – homeless money reducing but still $16.8bn [77]

$18.1bn in lost super according to Bank report [78]

Super contributions tax for incomes above $300,000: ASFA raises concerns with draft regulations [79]

TD 2013/10-13 & SMSFD 2013/1 – Beneficiaries of deceased super members – various determinations [80]








*‘Anti-gag’ Bill receives Royal Assent – Commonwealth Agencies can’t prohibit lobbying [81]

*Requirements for those reviewing charities’ reports – Regulations registered [82]

*Charities and annual reports: Regulations made about contents and transition [83]

*ASIC and the ACNC sign an MOU [84]

*Charities Bill 2013 and Charities (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2013 – passes House of Representatives [85]

*Minimum Governance Standards for Charities – Senate agrees to previously registered regulation [86]




*Board of Tax review of ‘thin cap – arm’s length test’ and post implementation review of ‘debt/equity’ rules for intent and arbitrage – terms of reference [87]




ANAO report on ATO management and reporting of GST and FBT info – systems and information appear reliable [88]

ATO administration of debt relief arrangements: ANAO report [89]




Proposal to regulation financial planners under the Tax Agents’ Services Act – transcript of Committee’s hearings [90]

FSC calls for more time for financial planners to comply with TASA [91]

Financial Advisers – amending the Corporations and Tax Agents Services Regulations ahead of their regulation [92]




Legislation & Announcements (State)

ACT Budget 2013-14: abolition of conveyance duty accelerated [93]

ACT: Payroll Tax Amendment Bill introduced – to better harmonise this Act [94]

ACT: First Home Owner Grant Amendment Bill introduced [95]

NSW Budget 2013-14: payroll tax threshold increase and $15k First Home Owners’ Grant extended 2 years to June 2015 [96]

NSW Budget Bill: State Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment (Budget Measures) Bill 2013 [97]

Queensland Budget 2013-14: payroll tax threshold increase deferred [98]

Queensland Budget Bill [99]

SA Govt announces payroll tax concession ahead of Budget [100]

SA Budget 2013-14: payroll tax rebate for small businesses [101]

SA: Budget Bill introduced extending the Housing Construction Grant by 6 months [102]

SA: land tax thresholds for 2013-14 financial year to remain the same as for 2012-13 [103]

Vic: State Tax Laws Amendment (Budget and Other Measures) Bill update [104]

WA – Duties Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 – passes Legislative Assembly – it will unwind the abolition of transfer duty on non-real business assets [105]


Cases (State)

ACT stamp duty: ISPT Pty Ltd & Comr for ACT Revenue – taxpayer loses appeal – lease dutiable under transitional provisions [106]

NSW land tax: Cornish Investments Pty Limited v Chief Comr of State Revenue (RD) – primary production exemption denied – taxpayer loses appeal [107]

NSW land tax: Yang v Chief Comr of State Revenue – concession for unoccupied land intended to be owner’s PPR – failed on onus [108]

NSW land tax: Rajan & Anor v Chief Comr of State Revenue – double tax relief for secondary taxpayer correctly calculated [109]

NSW land tax: Lo v Chief Comr of State Revenue – taxpayer loses principal place of residence land tax exemption appeal [110]


Rulings & Other (State)

Qld payroll tax: profit distributions and loan accounts – Public Ruling [111]

Queensland Payroll Tax – public ruling on ‘wages’ and reminder about Annual Returns [112]

Qld stamp duty: new and revised Public Rulings [113]

SA: payroll tax exporters rebate; land tax; interest rates, etc – Information Circulars [114]

Vic: new motor vehicle rate of duty for passenger cars [115]




OECD adopts Declaration on [Tax] Base Erosion and Profit Shifting [116]

*Accountants to get a limited licence to give financial advice from 1.7.13 and their exemption ends after 3 year transition – regulations registered [117]

Taxation revenue falls in March quarter: ABS [118]

Official interest rates unchanged at 2.75% [119]

*‘Tax Justice Network’ recommends rewarding tax evasion whistleblowers and that Multi-national Enterprises report worldwide to the ATO with ‘unitary tax’ details [120]

Rio Tinto calls for corporate tax transparency [121]

Britain moves on tax transparency ahead of G8 Summit [122]

OECD outlines steps for global system of automatic exchange of tax information [123]

Tackling tax evasion globally: ICIJ releases Offshore Leaks Database [124]





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