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– May 2013 Developments –

This is a collection of developments in Australian tax law and practice that occurred in May 2013 and which aims at being of relevance to tax lawyers.*

F John Morgan
A member of the Victorian Bar (www.FJMtax.com)

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Executive Summary – 18bn deficit; profit shifting targeted; medical expense tax offset and Baby Bonus to go [1]

Government updates and outlines its “tax reform roadmap” [2]

*Package of measures targets multinational profit shifting structures: thin cap ratios reduced; CFCs; foreign exempt income; non-portfolio dividends; etc [3]

*Changes to Australia’s foreign resident CGT regime – the ‘principal asset’ test in the ‘Taxable Australian Real Property’ or TARP Test [4]

*Foreign resident to be subject to a 10% non-final CGT withholding tax – purchaser to withhold and remit [5]

*Preventing “dividend washing” and doubling up of franking credits [6]

*Consolidation: loopholes to be closed – and further Tax Board recommendations [7]

*Restriction on immediate deduction for mining rights and information [8]

*Confirmation that self-education expenses to be capped at $2,000 pa [9]

*Further extension of monthly PAYG instalments to big non-corporate entities [10]

*Establishment of Tax System Advisory Board [11]

Opposition Budget Reply: Opposition may not oppose and may keep all of Labor’s ‘savings’ – but will keep current tax thresholds and delay SGC rise [12]




Acts & Bills

*Tax Laws Amendment (2013 Measures No 1) 2013 introduced: ‘connected entity’ test and ‘stake-holder’ test strengthened; natural disaster payments exempted; DGR for ethics education [13]

*Tax Amendment Bill (No 2) introduced: monthly PAYG; transparency; CGT discount for non-residents; etc [14]

*Tax and Super Amendment (No 1) Bill amended re loss carry-back; SMSF related party acquisition measures deleted [15]

Tax and Super Bill (No 2) passes House of Reps [16]

*Higher education loan scheme: repayment income and rates [17]

*Increase in Medicare levy and DisabilityCare Australia fund: draft legislation released [18]

*Medicare levy and DisabilityCare Bills [19]

*Increase in Medicare levy low-income threshold for families: Bill introduced [20]

Private Health Insurance Rebate – base premium: Bill introduced [21]

Shipping reform tax incentives – specification of kinds of vessels that are not exempt and thus eligible for incentives [22]

Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment (No.2) – Committee recommends consultation on super account mergers [23]

*General Anti-Avoidance Rules (Part IVA) and our ‘transfer pricing’ provisions – Bill passes House of Representatives [24]

New Disaster Recovery Allowance Bill passes Reps – including provisions to make it taxable, but subject to rebates to keep the rate low [25]

*Baby Bonus changes: Bill amended [26]



Multinational profit shifting: Govt seeks comments on issues paper [27]

*Government announces it will not to proceed with planned increase to the Family Tax Benefit, Part A – due to commence 1 July 2013 [28]

*R&D tax incentive changes – draft legislation to limit the non-refundable tax offset to companies with aggregate assessable income under $20bn [29]

*July 2015 increase in tax-free threshold to be [indefinitely] “deferred” [30]

*Australia-Switzerland tax treaty to be revised – negotiations concluded and will be signed soon (including access to Swiss Bank details) [31]

*Protecting the corporate tax base from erosion and loopholes: Government releases discussion papers for consultation [32]

*OECD revises its Transfer Pricing Guidelines including safe harbours [33]




High Court

*FCT v Unit Trend Services Pty Ltd GST margin scheme case – Commissioner wins in High Court [34]

*FCT v Greenhatch – High Court refuses taxpayer’s application for leave to appeal – only the discounted portion of the capital gain is included in the beneficiary’s assessable income [35]

*Sent v FCT – High Court refuses taxpayers application for leave to appeal the decision that he had derived the bonuses he directed to a share trust [36]


Full Federal Court

*Sanctuary Lakes Pty Ltd v FCT – Full Court confirms denial of id=”mce_marker”8m deductions in restructure of golf resort complex [37]


Federal Court

Caporale v DCT – Application seeking stay, based on the Commissioner’s alleged failure to follow the “Model Litigant” policy, dismissed [38]

Fitzroy Services Pty Ltd v FCT – No deduction for interest on foreign loans and management fees – but time limit to amend [39]

*DCT v Chemical Trustee Limited (No 8) & Ors – Judgment for DCT of over $28m despite claims of abuse of process [40]


Federal Circuit Court


Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

*Re Nordern and FCT – Taxpayer was a resident (overseas 200 days in one year, jointly owned house in Australia occupied by wife and children, which he visited on leave and salary paid into Australian account) [41]

*Re Healy and FCT – Expenses incurred in annulling bankruptcy related to DPN not deductible [42]

*Re Balens and FCT – Release from tax debts refused [43]

*Re Heaney and FCT – id=”mce_marker”79k of ‘non-commercial’ farm losses could not be deducted against medical practitioner’s income under s35-55 discretion – too much debt [44]

*Re Cancer and Bowel Research Association Incorporated as trustee for Cancer and Bowel Research Trust and FCT – DGR status denied and tax-exempt status referred back to the Commissioner [45]

Re ZZGN and FCT – PRRT: deductibility of certain exploration expenditure [46]


Other Courts & Tribunals

*R v Sakovits – Jail sentences imposed on 2 company directors in dishonest tax avoidance case – 5 years with a minimum of 2.5 years [47]

*FCT & Darling and Anor – Commissioner cannot use Family Court documents for tax purposes [48]

*Taxpayer v DPP – Wickenby: Conviction for fraud valid and sentencing to proceed [49]

Wickenby judgments deleted by courts because of Suppression orders [50]



Re Purvis & Ors v FCT – Qantas pilots appeal AAT decision that ‘loss of [pilots’] licence insurance’ payments was assessable as an ETP [51]

Re Carter v FCT – taxpayer seeks an extension of time in which to appeal to the Federal Court from ATO ‘benchmark’ based assessments [52]

Re IOOF Holdings Limited v FCT – Taxpayer appeals to Federal Court from decision that it is not entitled to ‘rights to future income’ deductions under amended legislation [53]

*Resource Capital Fund III LP v FCT –Commissioner appeals decision that sale of miner’s shares by non-resident was not assessable to Full Federal Court [54]




Decision Impact statements

Share buy-backs were capital proceeds: ATO view on Consolidated Media case [55]

Limited liability Partners also liable for tax debts of of the partnership: ATO view on McGuire case [56]



TR 2013/D2 – derivation of income by commercial software developers for ‘hosted’ or ‘cloud’ services pre-paid for a period (subject to ‘Arthur Murray’ contingency) [57]

TR 2013/D3 – meaning of ‘foreign income’ of a ‘member’ of a ‘disciplined force’ under s23AG [58]

*TD 2013/D4 – An employee can’t avoid the Div 35 sub-$250k ‘income test’ by the employer re-imbursing him part of the business expenses – they are part of Div 35 ‘excess’ [59]



TD 2013/9 – FBT: car parking threshold for 2013 is increased from $7.83 to $8.03 [60].


Class Rulings & Product Rulings

CR 2013/25-27 GST and fees; off-market takeover; transfer payments [61]

CR 2013/30-31 – Demerger; early retirement scheme [62]



ATO Interpretive Decisions (ATOIDs)


Practice Statements


Tax Alerts


Other Commissioner news

Reform of FBT airline transport benefits: ATO administrative treatment [63]

*ATO targets complex offshore structures with substantial data it is sharing with other revenue authorities [64]

Personal Services Income (PSI) – ATO will write to certain taxpayers and tax agents encouraging voluntary disclosures where appropriate [65]

Tax administrators from 45 economies unite to tackle offshore tax evasion [66]

*ATO trusts taskforce targets [67]

*ATO reminder about Trustee resolutions – by 30 June or earlier if required by Deed, and in writing if required by Deed or to ‘stream’ [68]





Legislation & Announcements (GST)


Cases (GST)

FCT v Unit Trend Services Pty Ltd GST margin scheme case – Commissioner wins in High Court [69]

*Private Tutor case – ATO gives its view on case about GST registration and disallowed input tax credits [70]

Yacoub v FCT – Taxpayers withdraw their appeal against decision that GST was payable on properties sold [72]

Re Wynnum Holdings No 1 Pty Ltd & Ors v FCT – taxpayers withdrew appeal – input tax credits remain disallowed; no enterprise and not ‘commercial residential premises [73]


Rulings & Other things (GST)

*GSTD 2013/D1 – GST and acquisitions by a managed investment fund [74]

GSTD 2013/D2 – GST and acquisition of second-hand goods [75]

GSTD 2013/D3 – GST-free non-accommodation supplies by Charities etc at less than 75% of the consideration provided by the Charity etc – depreciating capital items [76]

CR 2013/32 – GST treatment of fees by NSW councils [77]




Legislation, Announcements etc. (Super)

*Doubling the tax on superannuation contributions for those earning over $300,000: draft legislation released [78]

*Higher super concessional contributions caps for older individuals – draft legislation released for consultation [79]

*Superannuation changes to be legislated: (1) $35k contribution cap for those over 50 & (2) withdrawal of excess contributions at marginal rates [80]

*Higher concessional contributions cap; extra 15% contributions tax; other changes [81]

*Council of Super Custodians and Charter – consultation begins [82]

*Trans-Tasman superannuation portability – (limits on New Zealand sourced amounts) [83]

*More MySuper reforms – tax loss and gain rollovers on transfers to ‘MySuper’ Fund [84]

*Tax and Super Amendment (No 1) Bill – SMSF related party acquisition measures deleted [85]

*Indexation of certain superannuation thresholds for 2013-14 [86]


Cases (Super)

*SCCASP Holdings as trustee for the H&R Super Fund v FCT – Trust distribution of capital gain was “special income” derived by SMSF [87]

Kronen v Comr of Taxation – Court dismisses application re super entitlements [88]

Re McLennan and FC – Superannuation withdrawal and re-contribution hit with excess contributions tax – nothing ‘special’ to disregard the excess [89]


Rulings & Other things (Super)

*The ATO has released a draft version of the ‘Fund Validation Service’ which contains draft fund details of APRA-regulated super funds [90]





Mining tax should be abolished according to Senate committee [91]




*ACNC releases details of its approach to regulating charities [92]

*Freedom to Advocate (anti-gag) Bill for Not-for-Profits [93]

*Charitable deposit takers (acting like quasi banks): ASIC has issued a consultation paper proposing to remove their exemption (RG 87) [94]

*Statutory definition of “charity”: Bills introduced [95]

Administration of charitable trusts: report released [96]






ANAO report on Tax Practitioners Board regulation of tax practitioners [97]

Treasury no better at preparing tax expenditure statements according to ANAO report [98]




Tax Practitioners Board wants Tax Practitioners to advise of changes to their practice structure promptly [99]

Re Trevaskis and Tax Practitioners Board – Termination of tax agent’s registration for fraud affirmed [100]




Legislation & Announcements (State)

ACT: Budget Bill passed Legislative Assembly and awaits notification [101]

NSW: State Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill introduced – transfer duty on options to purchase land and mining tenements; fixed trust requirements; directors’ liability [102]

NT Budget 2013-14 – mineral royal regime; mining office expenses [103]

NT: Budget Bill introduced [104]

*Vic: State Tax Laws Amendment (Budget and Other Measures) Bill introduced [105]

Tasmanian Budget 2013-14 – payroll tax threshold increase and First Home Owners Grant abolished on established homes from 1 July 2014 [106]

Tas: Budget Bill introduced [107]

WA: Duties Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 introduced to unwind the scheduled abolition of various State taxes [108]


Cases (State)

*ACT stamp duty: ‘Off the Plan’ case will be appealed and during the appeal the policy continues of treating them as ‘interdependent’ assessed on land and building values [109]

ACT land tax: Peden & Comr for ACT Revenue (Administrative Review) – extension of time to apply for review refused [110]

ACT land tax: James & Comr for ACT Revenue (Administrative Review) – rental property – penalty for failure to notify Commissioner revised [111]

ACT land tax: Theron & Comr for ACT Revenue – penalty tax for unpaid land tax affirmed [112]

NSW payroll tax: Chief Comr of State Revenue v Print National Pty Ltd – taxpayer can object to notices to third parties to obtain facts for group assessment [113]

NSW land tax: Reolon v Chief Comr of State Revenue – primary production exemption refused as dominant purpose leasing rental property [114]

NSW land tax: Sayden Pty Ltd v Chief Comr of State Revenue – criteria for fixed trust satisfied, so taxpayer wins appeal [115]

NSW stamp duty: Zhuang & Ors v Chief Comr of State Revenue – new 20% purchaser lead to contract being taxed and transfer being taxed again [116]

NSW stamp duty: Trethowan v Chief Comr of State Revenue – transfer of property cancelled, so duty assessment set aside [117]

NSW land tax: Uechtritz v Chief Comr of State Revenue – PPR exemption allowed [118]

SA land tax: Girardi v Comr of State Taxation – appeal prohibited unless tax is paid or hardship relief sought [119]

WA landholder provisions Comr of State Revenue v Westnet Rail Holdings No 1 Pty Ltd & Anor – Commissioner loses appeal because ‘railway infrastructure rights’ not “land” [120]

WA stamp duty: Motor Yacht Marine Holdings Pty Ltd v Comr of State Revenue – Commissioner’s assessment of 2.5% late lodgment penalty affirmed [121]


Rulings & Other (State)

NSW payroll tax: fees paid to golf professionals by golf clubs – Revenue Ruling revised to harmonized position on grouping Pro-shop business with Club [122]

Qld payroll tax: fees paid to golf professionals by golf clubs – Public Ruling [123]

Vic stamp duty: OSR reminds taxpayers of 30 days to pay duty [124]

Vic payroll tax: fees paid to golf professionals by golf clubs – Revenue Ruling revised [125]




OECD releases Draft Handbook on Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment [126]

Official interest rate lowered from 3.0% to 2.75% [127]

Code of ethics for accountants: revisions made [128]

2012-13 tax return forms, schedules, and accompanying guides released [129]

OECD Economic Outlook on Australia: tax changes might be needed [130]

Switzerland expected to settle US tax dispute deal [131]






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